3 times a week to support the mermaid line with a flat support for 1 month

3 times a week to support the mermaid line with a flat support for 1 month

The mermaid line is practiced 3 times a week for 1 month. “You don’t need to go to the gym or even use the equipment. You can practice the mermaid line 3 times a week!

“Plank” seems to have become synonymous with fashion movement recently.

Known as “the most practical weight loss action”, it claims to help you eliminate excess meat in just a few minutes every day.

How easy is a simple action?

Experts say that flat support has a certain fitness effect, but because it is not aerobic exercise, not the so-called weight loss magic effect, it can make muscles more compact and powerful.

  ■ Nomenclature The reason why flat plates support hips, waists, and legs on a straight flat plate is sought after. This movement has a certain relationship with simple movements. This movement requires the human body to be prone, with both elbows open and shoulder width, while the elbow joints are supported on the ground and upper armsTry to keep it at 90 ° with the main shaft and reduce the support area by putting your toes together.

The distal end is naturally straightened, the eyes look forward and downward, and the chest, head up, shoulders, hips, and lower limbs are kept in the same plane. The tibia muscles and pelvic floor muscles are tightened to keep the spine in a natural physiologically curved form while maintainingBreathing naturally, belching is prohibited, hip joints cannot be shifted or tilted vertically toward the body, etc. This action requires the human body to keep shoulders, waist and legs in a straight line.

  The main exercise muscle fitness instructor stated that in fact, the flat support itself does not have the so-called weight loss effect. This action has certain fitness effects, especially for the front, abdominal muscles, legs, arms and other parts, and the muscles involved in this actionThere are more groups, which can make the core muscle group exercise to a certain extent, and its effect is mainly reflected in that it can make the muscles more powerful and stronger.

  Aerobic exercise is the only way to lose weight. As for the so-called fast weight loss, the coach explained that this is unrealistic, and the fitness effect of tablet support is limited.

Whether the human body is slim or not is mainly related to the trace content in the body. Aerobic exercise is the only way to remove slightness. Flat support is not a kind of aerobic exercise such as jogging, running, and energy consumption is limited, but it does not eliminate the small effect.

  ■ Reminders for disc herniation, scoliosis and other crowds should not be instructed by trainers to say that the plate support itself has certain challenges, that is, the length of the action duration.

In the initial attempt, the crowd should pay attention to grasping the intensity. The duration of the action can be gradually extended, and it should not be rushed.

However, it should be pointed out that not all people are suitable for flat support. In any case, people such as disc herniation, spine bulge, and scoliosis are not suitable for this action. If this is the case for a long time, it may make the original protrusion, scoliosis, etc.The situation is even worse.

  ■ Flat plate support Lateral plate support ● Exercise part: The abdominal oblique muscles are turned sideways, the body is kept straight and the abdominal muscles are straightened, the elbows and forearms support the ground to support the body, and the body and the ground form an angle of 15 degrees.

The other arm is located on the side abdomen with its hips on its hips and remains stable.

  Essentials: Tighten the core muscles, straighten the spine, and focus on the lateral abdomen.

Begin to curl your oblique muscles sideways, pause for a while as you touch the ground, then return to the starting position.

  Flat support lifts legs ● Exercise site: The abdomen faces the ground, the two forearms are bent down to fit the ground, tighten the abdomen, straighten the body, and keep the neck and spine relaxed.

Imagine you become a plank and keep it straight from head to heel.

  Essentials: Raise one leg about ten centimeters off the ground, keep the leg upright and hold that position for 1 second.

Return to the starting position and continue to alternate your legs.

  Parachuting in the air ● Exercise part: The abdomen, the top is prone on the floor, placed on the body, then slowly lift the top, palms off the ground, thumbs outward.

  Tips: Do not tighten the front end, and maintain posture for 30 seconds.