Can women have beautiful sex if they are not beautiful?

Can women have beautiful sex if they are not beautiful?

When I was in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school, I started to join “I am not beautiful at all”, and at the same time it will affect my future life.

But I’m a good girl. Since Heaven didn’t give me a pretty face, I will use my excellent academic performance to make up for my shortcomings.

After going to college, I began to get involved in sex. I found that some eye-catching and well-built female classmates often “famous flower winners”. On the campus, I was very close to my boyfriend Qing Qing, and although I had a good academic background, I was inferior to people.Can’t win boys like it.

I feel that I will always be a neglected person in terms of sexual intercourse, and my heart has begun to grow an aversion to rebellious psychology-because sex will not bring me any joy.

I even secretly resolved not to marry for life.

  It wasn’t until I was 31 years old, and after 7 years of working, I was greeted by an enthusiastic colleague, and I became an engineer with a 1-year-old engineer.

He is loyal and honest, warm and sincere.

For two years after marriage, we respect each other as guests.

If there is any dissatisfaction between our husband and wife, it is that he always complains about my lack of “femininity” and passion in my husband and wife life.

I felt I owed him, but I couldn’t get hot.

  My question is, I’m not pretty, can I have good sex?

  In real life, people who think that “beautiful women can have beautiful sex, but not beautiful women cannot have beautiful sex” are rare. Actually, this is a misunderstanding.

  It is undeniable that a beautiful woman has a little charm and may have a better sex life with more advantages in sexual intercourse.

But why are the two sexes loving each other? External beauty is not the only driving force, nor is it the whole content of love, personality, temperament, emotions, morals, and behavior, and even plays a more important role.

Especially after marriage-if pre-marriage men have always valued women’s external beauty when choosing a spouse, then after marriage, the two parties are more and more concerned about the more essential things.

Therefore, sex is by no means a “patent” for beautiful women. Women who are not beautiful are still qualified to have sincere love and feel the kind of exciting sex.

  Moreover, beauty has never been an absolute standard. If you can respect and love each other with your lovers, build a close relationship with each other, then the other person will look at you with great appreciation, including your appearance and body.

This is exactly as the old saying goes: Lover’s eyes are out of Shih Tzu.

  In fact, in real life, a woman is not beautiful, which often means that some parts of her body are not beautiful, rather than her entire appearance and whole body, and maybe other parts of her body are beautiful.

So don’t worry about your lack, but be good at discovering your own beauty, and learn to appreciate and satisfy yourself.

  And the most important point is: Eliminate sexual prejudice and liberate yourself from inferiority complex and self-repression; build confidence, establish correct sexual awareness, and believe in your sexual ability.

If you do this, you will find that in the intimacy with your loved one, you can also have sexual excitement, sexual impulses until orgasm, and become a truly perfect woman.