It is easy to have five fires in summer, and firefighting has to do this!

It is easy to have five “fires” in summer, and firefighting has to do this!

When the summer arrives, the heart is hot and the weather is hot. The fire burns from the heart. Many people will have this feeling. Even in the hot days, even people with good temper will have small emotions. Summer is easy to get angry. How can we put out the fire?It is usually hot in summer. If you eat a little hot food at this time, it is easy to get angry. How should the fire in the summer “fire”?
Liver is prosperous – drink some pear water. Irregular life, uncoordinated diet, depressed mood and irritability can lead to liver fire.
People with strong liver fire often have a bad temper, and they also have physical symptoms such as dry mouth, bad breath, red eyes, dry eyes, acne, and burnout.
Treat the liver fire, you can drink pear water.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pear water.
First, 10 grams of Fritillaria is mashed into powder, then the prepared 2 pears are peeled and diced, put into a pot and stewed, and then added with the right amount of crystal sugar.
Stomach is prosperous – drink some mung bean porridge Summer is coming, people like to eat “roadside stalls”, like “beer + 鎾?string”, but this can easily lead to “stomach fire burning”.
When there is a stomach fire in the body, there may be yellow thick tongue coating, swollen gums, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation and other symptoms.
Clear stomach fire, you can pick up mung bean porridge.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: mung bean porridge.
Take the appropriate amount of gypsum powder, glutinous rice, mung bean, first boil the gypsum powder with water, then go to the slag to be used, then add glutinous rice, mung bean in the liquid, add the seasoning after cooking and take it.
蹇冪伀鏃衡€斺€斿枬鐐硅幉瀛愭堡銆€銆€涓尰璁や负锛屽績鐏垎铏氬疄涓ょ锛岃櫄鐏富瑕佹湁鎵嬭冻蹇冪儹銆佺洍姹椼€佹偢鐑︿笉瀹併€佸瘣灏戞ⅵ澶氱瓑琛ㄧ幇锛屽疄鐏富瑕佹湁鍙e共銆佸彛鑻︺€丷estless, urinating short red burning, red face red, yellow fur, tongue swelling and pain.
You can take honeysuckle water to reduce the fire, and you can drink lotus soup by reducing the fire.
銆€銆€The therapeutic side of the real fire: honeysuckle water.
Put the honeysuckle soaked for half an hour into the water and fry. You can fry for 15 minutes, pour out the juice, add water and fry, take two decocting juice, and add the water for the third time.
Finally, the juice is placed in a bottle and consumed on behalf of the tea.
銆€銆€The therapeutic side of the virtual fire: lotus seed soup.
Take the lotus seeds (not to the lotus heart) and the amount of the wolfberry, put it into the pot and stew. After the fragrance is scented, add the amount of crystal sugar, and take it after saccharification.
Lung fire – eat some pig liver If the body feels external evil or due to internal injuries, it will affect the normal physiological function of the lungs, followed by a series of fevers such as dry mouth, dry tongue, cough, sore throat.
Treat lung fire, you can eat pig liver soup.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pig liver soup.
Pig liver and chrysanthemum amount, put into the pot and boil, cook until the liver is cooked, add seasoning, you can eat liver soup.
Kidney fire – eat some pork loin in the process of Chinese medicine diagnosis, kidney fire is mostly the deficiency of yin deficiency and fire, mainly irritability, dizziness, tinnitus, toothache, mouth ulcers, waist and knees and so on.
To remove kidney fire, you can use the method of “cleaning up”.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pig waist.
The pork loin, wolfberry and hawthorn meat are boiled in water and cooked until the pork loin is cooked. After adding the seasoning, you can take it.
銆€銆€In fact, whether it is summer or not, if you do not pay attention to regular life and diet, the above five fires are very easy to find us.
Therefore, instead of “fire” after “getting angry”, it is better to take precautionary measures to avoid “burning the fire”.
Deal with the fire on the small coup 1, mouth or mouth long bubble: cut a few pieces of ginger to chew, can make the blisters slowly eliminate; wash your face before going to sleep, squeeze the eye ointment on the pain of the lips, the pain will be reduced the next day, continueApplying it for a few days can make the pain disappear.
2, sore throat: often eat raw pears can prevent mouth sores and sore throat; with vinegar plus the same amount of water gargle, can alleviate the pain; tender loofah smashed juice, frequently with phlegm; throat pain, availableSpoon a spoonful of soy sauce, simmer for about 1 minute, for 3-4 times, with curative effect.
3, throat dry and hoarse: drink light salt water; take honey pear cream; drink orange peel sugar tea.
Chinese medicine recommended fire-fighting tea honeysuckle tea Honeysuckle has the functions of clearing liver and eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxifying, calming liver and cooling blood, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, anti-virus, strengthening defense function, etc. The right amount of drinking this tea has a good health effect.
Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum tea tastes slightly bitter, can dispel cold and clear heat, clear liver and eyesight.
Those who don’t know the doorway will choose chrysanthemums with white flowers and large flowers. In fact, the small and ugly yellow chrysanthemums are chosen.
Drink chrysanthemum tea, do not add other tea leaves, only the dried chrysanthemum soaked in water or boiled to drink.
銆€銆€Use 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 鏋告潪 5 grams, add into the pot and add water to boil.
Suitable for liver fire, dizziness, brain swelling, tinnitus, eye pain and other symptoms to drink.
Honey black tea Brew black tea, then adjust the amount of honey, brown sugar according to personal taste.Drink once a day before meals, can warm the stomach, protect the liver and cold, suitable for liver fire, spleen and stomach function is not good.

The cassia seed tea cassia is slightly cold, and the tea that has been brewed has a light green grass fragrance. The taste is bitter. For those who have a big liver, it is a good way to reduce fire, mainly to clear the heat and clear the liver.

Add the single-flavored cassia seed and mix it directly into the tea until the tea is colorless.

Modern pharmacological research suggests that cassia seed is loaded with chrysophanol, emodin, cassia and other components, which have antihypertensive, antibacterial and plasma-lowering effects.

Green tea green tea tastes slightly bitter cold, with heat, heat, detoxification, fire, dryness, thirst, Shengjin, strong heart refreshing function.

Green tea green leaf green soup, fresh and refreshing, tastes sweet and slightly bitter and cold, causing vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. Drinking both has the effect of cooling off heat and adding nutrients.

The spring tea in green tea is the best quality in the year, especially in the new tea listed before and after the Qingming and Guyu. After a winter of nutrient accumulation, the free amino acids and protein in the tea are rich in nutrients, and the aroma of the tea is good.Very cool.

However, green tea is slightly cold, and people with weak spleen and stomach should not take it in large quantities to avoid injury to the spleen and stomach.

Fire on the small coups, life rules, eat more fruits and vegetables experts believe that, if you get angry, first we must have a scientific law of life, reasonable work habits, but also on time to eat quantitatively, do not eat in time to avoid, this does notBecause food is overeating.

At the same time, when participating in various activities, there must be moderation, must have reasonable sleep time, do not stay up late, to prevent excessive fatigue, body resistance decreased.

Usually, eat more “clear fire” food fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, oranges, green tea have a good clearing effect, and carrots to supplement the body’s vitamin b, to avoid chapped lips also have a good effect.

In addition, you can take a variety of cool granules, such as Xia Sangjuju granules, Jinju granules, etc. are also very effective for “clearing fire”.

銆€銆€During the “fire” period, it is not advisable to eat spicy food, drink alcohol, smoke and stay up all night. Pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, gargle frequently, drink plenty of water, and take “clear fire” medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

If the symptoms of “getting angry” are more obvious, and have not improved for more than a week, you need to go to the hospital in time.