[Can I eat Chinese cabbage during lactation?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

[Can I eat Chinese cabbage during lactation?
]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

Chinese cabbage is one of the most common vegetables in life. Nowadays, people use Chinese cabbage to make a lot of food. This kind of cabbage can be eaten with kimchi, and can also be eaten with Chinese cabbage dumplings.Home-style dishes such as roast meat are very popular. This kind of vegetable tastes good, and there are many food therapies to do. For example, eating Chinese cabbage can prevent constipation. Can mothers who are breastfeeding eat Chinese cabbage?

Can I eat Chinese cabbage during lactation?
You can eat cabbage during lactation.

Eating cabbage often during lactation can expel toxins and metabolic wastes from the body, promote metabolism, and benefit the mother and baby.

But pay attention to breastfeeding, it is best to eat less or avoid pickled cabbage.

Especially people with a debilitating constitution are not suitable for eating cold cabbage in large quantities, such as kimchi.

Freshly submerged kimchi contains a harmful substance called sodium nitrate, which is harmful to the body.

Rotten cabbage can not be eaten because cabbage will produce toxins such as nitrite during the decay process, which will cause severe hypoxia and even life danger after eating.

It is best to choose some fresh and nutritious food to eat cabbage during lactation.

For example: roasted cabbage with mushrooms, braised cabbage, etc. These are all good recipes during breastfeeding.

Of course, there are some precautions when eating cabbage during lactation.

When frying, it is not suitable to use boiled dumplings, squeeze the juice after scalding, etc., resulting in a large loss of signature nutrients.

The cabbage should not be scalded in boiling water for too long. The best time is 20?
30 seconds, otherwise it will be too soft and too rotten to taste good.

The practice of eating cabbage during lactation period: 200 grams of cabbage, 3 grams of shiitake (dried), 5 grams of salt, and 10 grams of lard.

Practice: 1. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in warm water, wash the pedicles; wash and cut the cabbage into three.

5 cm segment.

2. Heat the oil, stir-fry the cabbage until it is half-cooked, add salt, mushrooms, monosodium glutamate, add some broth or water, cover the pot and burn it.

Efficacy: This product is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin, and vitamin C. It is a homemade vegetarian dish, and is especially suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and children.

Stir-fried cabbage ingredients: cabbage, white vinegar, sugar, salt.

Practice: 1. Wash the cabbage and tear it by hand.

2. Fry under water for a while and directly fish in cold water.

3. Control dry moisture.

4. Add white vinegar, sugar, and salt.

5. Boil the pan, heat the oil, stir the hot oil over the vegetables and stir well.

Efficacy: Eating more cabbage can increase appetite, promote digestion and prevent constipation.

Suitable for lactating cabbage.

Cabbage is also ideal for people with diabetes and hypertension.