Liver nourishing liver exercises

Liver nourishing liver exercises

Spring liver nourishing liver health exercises is necessary for liver recuperation. Spring is the beginning of a year’s life activity cycle.

Since ancient times, there has been a statement that “Chun Yi Yang Yang”.

Modern people have a fast pace of life and often stay up late, which will cause certain damage to the liver, causing symptoms such as liver depression, irritability, irritability, worry, and loss of appetite.

In this issue we will talk about the topic of health and liver.

  It is necessary for the liver to nourish the spring. The spring is the germination of vegetation, and the season is full of vitality. The liver corresponds to the “wood” in the five elements.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is similar to grass and trees. The prosperous spring of grass and trees is the most active season for liver qi and the best time to nourish and protect the liver.

If the liver is not raised in the spring, the whole body’s qi and blood will run chaotically, and other organs will be disturbed and cause diseases.

Liver nourishing is more important than liver qi. Smooth exercise can be achieved through exercise and diet, so that all organs of the body can reach balance.

  Modern people are busy with work, and overwork can easily lead to weak liver.

Because the working state of high blood pressure greatly increases the blood demand of various organs in the body, and blood gas consumption increases, and the liver is a blood-storing organ in the body, which will be damaged after fatigue. Therefore, the overworked family must first protect the liver.

  In addition, some people with a hot constitution should pay attention to replenishing and nourishing the liver due to the sudden rise of yang qi in the spring, which causes hot air in the body and a strong liver fire.

  Doing it the way to protect the liver Active exercise is an effective way to protect the liver. Exercise can promote gas exchange, speed up blood circulation, and nourish the liver, so that the liver gets more oxygen and nutrients.

  The liver meridian passes through the legs and feet, while the spleen, liver, and kidney meridians are located on the legs and feet, so the movement can focus on the feet.

Because the amount of exercise in the spring should not be too large, walking is a more suitable fitness program.

In the early spring sunshine, away from traffic, streets, let the large muscle groups of legs, back, abdomen and hips contract alternately, relax, strengthen blood circulation and metabolism, and can better provide oxygen to the body.

In addition, relaxing exercises such as mountain climbing, jogging, and Tai Chi are also very helpful to the liver.

It is recommended to go to outdoor activities often and breathe the breath of spring to help the liver qi develop and vomit new ideas.

  Liver nourishing and liver-protecting exercises — Daily liver-protecting exercises to rub Dadun acupoint and sit cross-legged, use your left thumb to hold the right foot Dadun acupuncture point (the big toe is about 2 mm from the edge of the second toenail)15 times, blocking right hand 15 times.

Then use your right hand to step on the left foot Da Dun acupoint, the same way as before.

  Press Taichong acupoint to sit cross-legged, use your left thumb to press the right foot Taichong acupoint (the first instep, between the two metatarsal bones), insert and slide forward along the gap between the bones, and do 20 times.

Then use your right hand to press the left foot of Taichong acupoint, the same way as before.

  Rub Sanyinjiao and sit cross-legged, press the right Sanyinjiao with the thumb of your left hand (the lower leg, the foot is aligned with the tip 3 inches, so that the posterior edge of the bone), left blocking 15 times, right blocking 15 times.

Then press the left Sanyinjiao with the right hand, the same method as before.

  Push the two rib method with both hands under the arm, rub along the rib space to the chest, return when the two hands touch, push back and forth 30 times.

  Liver nourishing and protecting health exercises — Mood diet with liver protection “sorrows the spleen, angers the liver”.

Among the seven emotions, anger is the most detrimental to the liver. Anger can lead to abnormal evacuation of the liver, resulting in stagnation of liver qi and stagnation of the liver over time.

Therefore, to resolve the bad emotions in the heart, so that I always have a good mood, which is good for the health and health of the liver.

  The core of emotional liver protection is to learn to control anger, no longer angry and no more than 3 minutes, and strive to be calm, optimistic, cheerful, and carefree, so that the liver fire is extinguished, the liver qi is normal, smooth, and often healthy.

  Chinese medicine believes that a moderate amount of sour taste in the spring can help liver qi, but if the liver is too hot, people should not take too much sour taste.

In addition, you can eat more sweet.

Sweet taste is the best to replenish the temper, and the spleen is strong, which in turn can assist the liver qi.

Foods that are warm and sweet include: cereals such as glutinous rice, black rice, sorghum, oats; vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, cabbage, pumpkin, lentils, red dates, and walnuts; and meat such as beef, anchovies, sea bass, and yellow croaker.

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In addition to proper exercise, patients with liver disease should pay attention to health methods.

It is recommended that patients with liver disease stay in bed for half an hour after meals, so that the blood is concentrated in the stomach, liver, and intestines to facilitate blood circulation in the liver.

Practice has proved that patients with liver disease who lie for half an hour at the end of each meal and ensure a one-hour siesta at noon can help to recover from the disease.