Can anti-season vegetables be eaten?


Can anti-season vegetables be eaten?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese health care, diet should follow the laws of nature.

Food is made up of odors, and its scent can only be obtained when it is ordered, that is, when growth and maturity meet the solar terms.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine says: Eat less anti-seasonal dishes, but from the traditional Chinese way of health, diet should follow the laws of nature.

Food is made up of odors, and its scent can only be obtained when it is ordered, that is, when growth and maturity meet the solar terms.

銆€銆€The famous saying in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” is called “Senior Prescription”, which means to inherit the yin and yang of the nature to prepare medicines, food, such medicines, the food has the essence of the world, the smell is thick, and the nutritional value is high.

According to the theory of yin and yang gasification, plant growth has a certain growth cycle. The vegetables that violate the laws of natural growth violate the laws of cold and heat in the spring, summer, summer and autumn collections, which will lead to the cold and heat, the smell is confusing, and become the so-called 鈥渟haped dish鈥?””, it has its shape and no quality.

For example, the summer cabbage is long, but the taste is far less than that of winter; the winter tomatoes are red and beautiful, but hard and tasteless.

銆€銆€Confucius also said: “From time to time, do not eat.

That is to say, dishes that do not meet the solar terms, do not eat.

Sometimes I want to adjust my appetite and eat some anti-seasonal dishes. It is not bad, but long-term consumption is not good for the body.

銆€銆€The greenhouse vegetables, the inevitable controversial anti-season vegetables, today, a few years later, personal experience and practice let us give some new feelings to the anti-season fruits and vegetables.

We began to pick out its impure taste, disliked its lack of nutrients, and even questioned its safety issues鈥攅specially the greenhouse cultivation of the insulation facility, which almost became a target.

Professor He Hongju from the National Vegetable Engineering Technology Research Center also made it clear that anti-season fruits and vegetables should be avoided.

銆€銆€In foreign countries, it is also a big blow of “fresh and natural” style.

Many fruit and vegetable sellers now calculate 鈥渇ood miles鈥? which is how far food is shipped from outside.

Because the more nutrients are transported from farther away places, they advocate eating seasonal fruits and vegetables grown by farmers instead of anti-season fruits and vegetables.

銆€銆€Eating, or not eating, this is not a problem. In the case of anti-season fruits and vegetables, we have created a “miracle”, but at the same time, it turns out that we are really doing it – except for the taste, but the face is tooMore security risks.

Therefore, on the issue of eating and not eating, how to choose, is a game of confrontation between different desires.

銆€銆€When you want to maintain the diversity of your diet, you naturally need different vegetables to mix, and it is inevitable to eat some anti-season fruits and vegetables. When your taste buds especially miss some certain anti-seasonal foods, then you should also accept them in the taste and nutrition.The facts are slightly inferior and more careful when selecting and cleaning.

銆€銆€So, for us, eating or not eating anti-season fruits and vegetables, this is not a problem, because it has no absolute answer, the key is how to maintain balance.

Of course, respecting nature and adapting to nature are a popular global health concept.

Hold on to this concept and let yourself learn to be smart in the world of fruit and vegetable.