Four steps for yoga instructor

Four steps for yoga instructor

A person who wants to learn yoga and become a mentor must first go through the study of yoga in order to obtain the overall transformation of physical consciousness, including: the construction of a physical health road, the transformation of a complex, the wisdom of the inner soul, and the development of innate spiritualityAnd other major learning connotations.

That is to grasp the connotation of these studies, based on the needs of a qualified yoga instructor’s initial efforts, put forward four points of practical study: First, yoga exercise-learning yoga asana.

  Yoga practice originated in the Indian jungle thousands of years ago.

Relevant literature on yoga has long existed in the Indian Upanishads.

Yoga practice can change people’s physical fitness, make muscles and muscles smooth, clear the meridians, and restore dysregulated glandular secretion to normal. It can also cure diseases, enhance beauty, and lose weight. It also helps Xi meditation.

If the operation is performed every morning and evening, if the time is called, you can gradually understand the significant effect of yoga practice on the body. The overall yoga practice includes the three aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

  Second, healthy diet therapy-learn diet knowledge, organic diet therapy: “Diet therapy” training means: to gradually change from meat to vegetarian food; then from traditional vegetarian food to “net food”-organic diet (a completely harmless diet)Way and food).

The training process also includes appropriate “fasting” therapies each year;
Two times (three each time?
Seventh, even tenth).

The environment in which people live (the entire earth) has been seriously polluted, such as air pollution, drinking water pollution, pollution of industrial chemicals, etc.-due to ignorance or desire, people eat foods full of preservatives, artificial flavors, refined processingFood, or inadequate treatment of vegetables and fruits and eating pesticides left on vegetables and fruits; or excessive taking of medicines, injections; or even irritating foods such as drugs, which accumulate various kinds of toxins in the body, soGradually destroy the three major detox systems.

  1. Filtration system-liver, kidney; 2. Stomach and intestinal digestive system; 3. Endocrine system-pituitary, adrenal gland, thyroid.

  If the toxins in the body are accumulated in the internal organs for a long period of time, chronic diseases will be formed, which will gradually lead to a multitude of diseases, the blessing will gradually disappear, and the shadow of gray life will be cast.

  The “fasting” exercise can effectively eliminate the pathogenic virin accumulated in the cells, blood and viscera, and restore the self-healing function of the body (autonomic nerve).

This is evidenced by the clinical signs of fasting.

Such as during fasting: 1, black moss-like things or spit black sputum on the tongue of addicts; 2, regular drinkers, the smell of alcohol with breath; 3, people who often inject or abuse medicine,Rule 4, the bowel movements, feces, toxic mucus, sterile mold, etc., which are trapped in the abdomen, intestines, will be excreted one after the other during fasting.

In general, the detoxification function of fasting is like squeezing into a small sponge, all the dirty things will be squeezed out to restore the organic life to health, and the slenderness can increase the work efficiency and increase the fun of life.; If a yoga meditator is more conducive to meditation practice.

  Hint: Even if there are many benefits of fasting, if you do n’t know the common sense or the method is wrong, you may not benefit it and suffer it.

Therefore, if you have no fasting experience, you must implement fasting under the guidance of an experienced teacher.


  Third, explore the self-exploration of the structure and nature of the mind: A qualified yoga teacher must learn to explore the self-knowledge of the entire structure of the self-mind system, and to unlock the underlying psychological complex in different psychological mechanisms at different levels of braking depth., And healing the wounded mind inspiration officer.

From the perspective of positive and deep scale, it is to develop the infinite potential hidden in the deep soul, so as to release the potentially rich vitality.

Therefore, a complete psychological research includes the following seriousness: 1. Psychological emotions, the occurrence of physiological energy (qi); 2. The smoothness or separation of physiological energy, and the impact on psychological emotions; 3. Surface layerSelf-consciousness (first six consciousness) and deep subconsciousness (seventh end of the consciousness), and even the deepest unconsciousness (eighth Arayaya consciousness), the connection and interaction between each other;Transformation, the development of the mind, the study and exploration of the principles of the entire transformation process to the development of spirituality.

  On the theory of self-inquiry, modern western psychology “Floyd et al.” And parapsychology (Kean.

Wilbur et al.) Are worthy of further study and reference.

The Buddhist part is{scientific knowledge}, which belongs to the classic style of Buddhist yoga. Therefore, the words used to explain psychology are mostly Buddhist proper nouns. For practitioners who are not Buddhists, they should use rationalismLearning as a reference material may find difficulties; however, the relevant doctrine of Buddhism is a non-reference truth doctrine. If you miss it, you will regret losing the pearl.

  Fourth, the study and experience of meditation practice-meditation and meditation: There are many ways to practice meditation. For the needs of beginners, here are only two simple, easy to learn and safe methods-relaxation meditation and breathing training.

Relaxing meditation has a great effect on the regulation of the human brain, cerebellum, and autonomic nerves. When the army relaxes meditation, the brain’s complex thoughts will gradually slow down, and when it is settled, it stops the mind and makes the heart completely rest.

Because the cerebellum is no longer dominated or disturbed by the clutter of the brain, it is able to give full play to its potential psychic power and be able to have deeper contact with nature, and even with the spiritual world (spiritual world) or the world outside the third-degree space of human beings.The parties exchange information.

  The autonomic nerve of the human body is easily affected by disturbing thoughts and complexes. Once imbalanced, it will lead to abnormal endocrine system and cause various visceral diseases.

Through the practice of relaxation and meditation, the inner autonomic nerve will naturally adjust the wounded body to show its function of treating diseases.-The physical relaxation, calmness, joy, and narrow sense that the meditation zen sits in during sitting.Health is disease-free, and health in the broadest sense makes the whole person glow, joy, and vitality.

  Correct breathing training-counting breathing and observing breathing-is a therapy health physiology, lively sympathetic nerves, reduce blood acidification, keep the muscles and bones bright and elastic; and supplement the body toxins, a good way to deliver fresh blood from the heart to the whole body-The deeper and slower the breathing, the better it is for physical wound healing and visceral strengthening, as well as for the comprehensive regulation of endocrine functions, so that the mind becomes more focused, and enjoys light and peaceful meditation.

  The above four training programs of yoga exercise, healthy diet, self-inquiry, and meditation practice are the necessary lessons for a fully professional and qualified yoga instructor. They are the overall practice of “physical + mental + mental + spiritual” yoga.Indispensable, otherwise it is difficult to achieve; and under the guidance of a professional teacher (only experience), carry out these four studies at the same time, in order to achieve long-term significant achievements in their own yoga teaching.