Japanese hot spring experience the ultimate soup bath

Japanese hot spring experience the ultimate soup bath

It is the Japanese who do the best in the enjoyment of the hot spring.

Soak in the morning and evening, and list a lot of procedures for the hot springs.

Because of the terrain, Japan’s hot spring resources are spread all over the country, and there are more than 28,000 springs that can be directly used. From Hokkaido’s snow-blown soup, to Hakone, Izu’s small sentiment, and then to Beppu in the south, hot springs are in their lives.The most indispensable part.

  Experience the ultimate style of soup bath and soup bath is very concerned about the atmosphere, the spa layout of the spa pool and the small courtyard of the Japanese pine are just right.

The semi-open-air hot spring pool must be separated from cherry blossoms and red leaves, robes, natural smashing steps when wearing rafts, ritual procedures for bathing, tatami rooms and restaurants, and the atmosphere is enough.

  Hot springs HOT recommended Beppu hot springs to hold the sea bathing soup Beppu’s reputation is not comparable to Hakone or Hokkaido, but there are more than 28,000 alternative hot springs in Japan, there are 2,800 in Beppu, accounting for one tenth., hot springs dating all hotels, small hotels and ordinary people.

Because the hot springs here are very good, have beautiful skin or treat diseases, and have a good reputation in Japan.

In the rainy season or the cold weather, the whole family went to Beppu to stay at the hot spring hotel to become a very fashionable lifestyle.

  Beppu’s most famous Zhuwa Hot Spring Beppu Eight Soup is a famous hot spring. Beppu Hot Spring is located at the head of the Eight Soups. It does not only refer to home hot springs or hot spring hotels, or even a regional concept, especially in Beppu Bay.Or a ryokan, you can see the sunrise at sea in the morning and the sunset at night.

By the sea, in the semi-open hot spring pool with plants, floating a whole pool of roses, hot skin and ruddy face by the hot spring almost immediately let you believe the therapeutic effect of this hot springIn addition to beauty, it is very helpful for the health of women’s gynecology.

The semi-open Tangquan pool is very close to the sea. I feel that I can exchange it for the sea, but my body is soaked in the hot spring of the rose, and I can’t help but be drunk.

  Beppu can be seen everywhere. The hot springs of Guishan Hot Springs listen to Zen and stay in the mountains and the hot springs on the mountainside. Facing the sorghum and deep pools, the plants are lush and green, and the thickness of the ancient capital Nara is so thick that it looks a bit serious.

The feeling of “small mouth, suddenly open” makes people feel that it is a paradise. The hotel is full of osmanthus flowers, and now the last flower is still fragrant.

The hot spring is on the first floor of the hotel. Because it is a building built on the mountain, it feels like going down to the 3rd floor of the hotel lobby. The guests are wearing the style bathrobes in the room and going to the hot spring pool.

The hot springs have indoor and carbonated pools. After washing, they warm up indoors and then take the courage to go to the pool. The morning and evening are still very cold, but the warmth and slight massage of carbonated springs can’t help you.Comfortable and itchy.

  The hot springs in the snow are the highest enjoyment. When the spring is called, the hot spring pool will be covered by cherry blossoms, and now you can see the deep red leaves.

On the other side of the squat, it is the Guardian Sunzi Temple. The devout monks will chanting sooner or later, soaking in the hot spring pool can be heard faintly.

If you have time, you can go to the temple to copy the scriptures. After some meditation experience, the hot springs will be different in mind – there are trees in front of you, you can’t see far, as long as you settle your mind, it will be a good time.