Coup to rescue four parts of women susceptible to aging


Coup to rescue four parts of women susceptible to aging

The most prone areas at both ends are not the bags under the eyes or the deep grooves on the forehead, but the two law lines next to the nose.

A young woman can barely see the two striped paths, but if the groove is deep, the first impression is a sentence-this person is not young.


hzh {display: none; }  电视上纷繁出现的美女明星们也见过了不少,不论照片上和闪光灯下多么明艳照人,可是私下遇到她们时的第一感觉就是——哇,真是Years are not forgiving, Hongyan will eventually grow old, and truth will remain unchanged forever!

Take a closer look at their faces, their makeup is still very delicate, but they all have one thing in common-a deep groove appears on both sides of the nose.

  Elimination of decree lines Decline lines are typical of the deterioration of skin tissue, causing the surface of the skin to sag. The obvious decree lines often make themselves look serious, old-fashioned, and have no intimacy, which makes people have a hard time getting close.

  Tip: You can try the following methods to prevent or eliminate the wrinkles. The effect can be seen for 30 days.


Make a mouthwash-like bulge on both cheeks, move your tongue inside your mouth and push against your jaws.


Do each exercise five times in a row, four times a day.

  Detailed method of preventing decree lines: The tip of the tongue is moved up and down from the left and right inside the mouth, and the points of the lips are massaged clockwise for more than three consecutive times.


Start with the tip of your tongue.


Turn the tip of your tongue to the right of your lips.


Turn the tip of your tongue to the left of your lips.


The tip of the tongue finally turns under the lips.

  Eye Bag Removal Bags, like wrinkles, are one of the first signs of aging.

The age at which annoying eye bags appear varies from person to person, most of which occur around 45 years of age.

The bags under the eyes have a resistive effect, which is mainly manifested by the lower eyelids making the face out of balance and coordination, giving a feeling of old age.

  Tips to eliminate bags under the eyes: There are several ways you can reject bags under the eyes.


It is best to lie on a slanted wooden board for a few minutes every day to increase blood circulation on the head and face and improve the nutritional status of the face and skin.

Before going to bed every night, use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to implant and massage around the skin under the eyes for a period of time.


Stick figs or cucumber slices to the skin under the eyes before bedtime. You can also use papaya and mint to soak in hot water to make tea, and often take it on the skin under the eyes after cooling.


You can also use some cream or oil on the face and hit the face with your finger upwards.


Adhere to morning and evening eye massage for eye massage, it is best to use targeted eye cream products, such as Bai Dafu’s amino acid peptide eye essence, which are rich in vitamins and plant extracts, which can effectively nourish the eyes and repair eye skin.


This kind of carrot and celery or chewing gum is often chewed in the daily diet, which will help improve the skin.

You should pay attention to eating colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods.

  In addition, eat too salty and drink plenty of water before going to bed, too low pillows will form bags under the eyes, should be avoided.

  Reduce the appearance of head lines. Head lines are the marks left by people over time and one of the signs of aging.
  Tip: Relaxing methods can reduce head lines.
  Rule 1: Do more facial relaxation exercises, such as meditating with your eyes closed, and focus on your chin.

  Specification 2: Use the moisturizing mask once or twice a week to increase the wrinkle level of the skin and reduce the wrinkle lines.

  Instruction three: When exercising, use indoor aerobic exercise instead of outdoor exercise to reduce the chance of sun exposure.

  Specification four: Be sure to remind yourself to wipe sunscreen before going out (to prevent UVA, UVB more ideal).

  Rule 5: Drink plenty of water, develop a normal diet, and sleep habits.

  Avoiding aging caused by aging occurs unconsciously, reducing the skin is easier to reduce than the face, and wrinkles are generated in advance; reducing the specific surface area of the skin is darker; and there is too much meat accumulation, causing bloating and unsightly.

Although strictly speaking, it is usually not a part of the body, but severe aging can affect a woman’s young feeling.

  Tip: Sticking to four steps can eliminate excess meat.

  First: Apply massage cream or firming cream to excess meat.

  Step 2: Use your index finger and middle finger to squeeze the happening slightly slowly towards the jaw.

  Step 3: Push the excess and excess meat to the left and right alternately with both hands.