Weekend achievement macho’s five-step fitness program


Weekend achievement macho’s five-step fitness program

Core Tip: If your body is still as thin as bamboo, and this time of the weekend is a waste of time, then it is recommended that you do some fitness exercises, fast and thin as the image of the ribs, thinking of the realm of the macho man, do not wasteSpend your weekend time, hurry!

銆€銆€The weekend is about to pass, are you still bored at home, do you want to make yourself stronger, maybe you tried it, but didn’t get better results.

Today Xiaobian teaches you how to simply increase your muscles. You only need to do a few steps every day, and then with some muscle-enhancing diets, I believe that you will soon be as thin as a ribs, become a male, a macho.

銆€銆€The five steps of the majesty man achievement: First, the supine recommendation is the most useful trick to practice the chest muscles, remember to do what you can.

When pushing the barbell, pay attention to the stability of the joint. When you put it down, you should reach the distance of the chest from the chest. The push action should be continuous, don’t stop.

銆€銆€Second, the upper oblique bird adjusts the stool to a 40 degree angle, and tightens it inward, straightens upwards, and the tail of the dumbbell sticks together for about 4 seconds.

Then bend the arm down until the dumbbell and chest are on a horizontal line, then lift the dumbbell and notice that the left and right arms are in balance.

銆€銆€Third, the narrow grip pulls the device when the hands are tight, the upper body can be slightly tilted backwards, pay attention to the upper front pressure when pulling down the handle.

銆€銆€Fourth, bending the boat is not a rowing machine, or a dumbbell.

Place the top palm and one knee on the bench, face forward, back straight, hold the dumbbell in the other hand, slowly pull it to the waist for 2 seconds, then slowly lower it.

銆€銆€Fifth, the weight-bearing abdomen lies on the mat, the legs are bent, the dumbbells are held in both hands and placed on the chest, and the head is off the ground.

Then naturally lift your head and shoulders and let them spread out of the ground.

To avoid too much tension in your muscles, use your tongue against your upper jaw and breathe with your nose.

銆€銆€Diet menu If you are worried about how to eat meat without meat, pay attention to it, first of all, to determine the main eat starch, pasta, the most useful, conversion, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits can not be less.

銆€銆€First, drink milk, eat more starch for breakfast; eat more lean meat, fat meat can be exempted; third, do not choose too greasy snacks, French fries, fried chicken, etc., drink orange juice better than coffee;Eat more vegetables, the taste is lighter and help to eat more long meat; fifth, you can eat healthy snacks, such as peanuts, toffee, etc., potato chips are also OK, drink beer and drink some juice is goodidea.