[Can chicken and fungus be eaten together]_Eat at the same time_Can you

[Can chicken and fungus be eaten together]_Eat at the same time_Can you

Chicken is a low-fat food that is not easy to gain weight. It is suitable for people who lose weight. Fungus is a food that has many benefits to the human body. Fungus can detoxify and help lose weight. Fungus can also improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Many people do n’t know if chicken can be eaten with fungus. Can chicken and fungus be eaten together?

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Can chicken and fungus be eaten together?
It can be eaten together. The fungus and chicken can be eaten together, and it is a good match. The fungus and chicken are good for the human body. I always heard that eating black food is good. Indeed, many black foods are good.It is very good, and fungus is no exception. Eating fungus has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, and it also nourishes the kidney and stomach, has a good protective effect on cardiovascular, and can reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.

Chicken is rich in protein and can be eaten regularly to supplement various nutrients and enhance physical fitness, so they are very good to eat together.


The ingredients that need to be prepared for the fungus chicken are fungus, chicken, ginger and garlic, and some commonly used seasonings.

Soak the fungus in advance, drain and tear into small pieces after washing, cut the ginger and garlic into pieces, wash the chicken in advance and cut into pieces, add salt, soy sauce, powder, and salted and marinated halfAbout hours.

Put the marinated chicken pieces in the sautéed ginger and garlic pan, add the right amount of cooking wine and stir fry. After the chicken pieces change color, pour into the fungus, add the right amount of water, raw soy sauce and salt to cook, it is best to simmer., When you are almost cooked, add a small amount of fuel and other seasonings, stir fry for a while, and if you like pepper, you can put some sharp pepper in it.


A warm reminder that roasted chicken with fungus is really a very delicious dish. The cooking process is slightly longer, but it is delicious and nutritious. Friends who want to eat can try it at home.

Make sure that the oil is boiled before the chicken pieces are marinated. This will prevent the chicken pieces from sticking to the pan. If you don’t like the fungus to be too rotten, you can burn the chicken pieces for a while before putting the fungus.