Expert tips to relieve post-holiday syndrome

Expert tips to relieve post-holiday syndrome

A disease-post-holiday syndrome is now prevailing. It refers to the excessive indulgence of yourself during the holiday, which leads to mental fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort, and inattention after the holiday.

Many people have consulted doctors about how to treat post-holiday syndrome.

As a result, relevant experts said that post-holiday syndrome may cause office workers to not want to go to work, students ca n’t study with peace of mind, and may cause serious diseases such as neurasthenia.

So, how to treat post-holiday syndrome, experts have proposed the following.

  1. Symptoms of post-holiday syndrome Experts point out that the symptoms of post-holiday syndrome are mainly the lack of concentration and feeling anxiety, and some patients will have unexplained nausea, dizziness, reactions and allergies.

Many people feel that they can’t sleep at night, can’t get up in the morning, have a drowsy day, lose their energy, have difficulty concentrating at work, and have a large increase in patients with neurosis and allergies.

  2, experts on how to treat post-holiday syndrome, post-holiday syndrome is only a state of mental fatigue, not a disease; generally about a week after the holiday, you can recover.

Neurasthenia patients can gently massage the head, do other small things distracting or listen to music, etc .; also can take a slow and deep breath every few hours; meanwhile, even consult a professional doctor and take appropriate medicine under the guidance of a doctorImprove mood.

  Patients with gastrointestinal discomfort can eat some Jianweixiaoshi tablets or hawthorn tablets appropriately, trying to lighten their diet; walking, jogging or doing gymnastics, “moving” their physiology, and their appetite will gradually return to normal.