External application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat mumps

External application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat mumps

Patients with mumps often have fever, headache, dry throat and other cold symptoms at the beginning of the onset. They mainly invade the parotid and submandibular glands, and are prone to complications such as encephalitis, acute pneumonia, and reproductive organs.

At present, the treatment of mumps is mainly antiviral and symptomatic.

External application of traditional Chinese medicine is convenient and economical, and the effect is good. Now it is introduced as follows.

  Treatment method: Take cork, rhubarb 20g each, raw southern star, realgar 10g each, raw Sichuan black, raw grass black, 5g each of borneol, research into finely into 200g of petroleum jelly after heating and melting, stir well, adjust into ointment for future use.

Before each use, the Chinese medicinal ointment is heated and melted, and an appropriate amount is evenly coated on the sterilized gauze with a thickness of about 2mm, the range is slightly over the swelling area, and then fixed with adhesive tape, and the dressing is changed once a day until healed.

  Chinese medicine believes that mumps is caused by the feeling of rheumatism, and its pathogenesis is: wind and heat attack, deterring Shaoyang; bile fever and stomach, Qi and blood stagnation and obstruction, phlegm and blood stasis obstruction; evil regressionZhengxu, Qiyin loss and so on.

Because the pulse of foot Shaoyang starts from the inner condyle, behind the upper corner of the head and lower ear, walks around the ear, so I see that the cheek under the ear is swollen and painful.

  Fangzhong Huangbai clears heat and purifies fire, detoxifies sores, prevents swelling and swelling, produces Nanxing detoxification, swelling and pain, realgar detoxification and insecticide.

The combined use of various medicines has the effect of detoxifying and removing blood stasis, clearing the collaterals and dissipating heat, reducing swelling and pain, and eliminating local pain.