Are you anxious to be single in the retina?

Are you anxious to be single in the retina?

Translation: There is a well-dressed bride in front of you. What do you imagine is her brightest dress?

  A, wedding dress B, veil C, bouquet D on hand, ring answer analysis: A, wedding dress: wedding mad.

  You desperately want to find your partner. Your desire to get married is stronger than anyone else.

But often the rush is not achieved, because your eager attitude puts pressure on the other party, and often scares the other party before entering the state.

Then you become more nervous and more anxious, so the vicious circle begins.

It is recommended that you take it easy and don’t care too much, but the dispensable attitude can leave the footsteps of the other side.

  B, veil: early marriage type.

  You are likely to fall in love before you get involved in the world, and you do n’t know why your marriage is a real thing.

At the beginning, you still think of marriage as a play house. Through the passage of time, the true appearance of marriage is highlighted a little bit, and you begin to realize what life is.

If you treat it with an optimistic attitude and actively face the difficulties and worries in life, you will grow up with your other half and take on the responsibility of life.

  C, bouquet on hand: late marriage type.

  The experience of yourself and friends around you will often make you sigh of regret and love that you don’t want to get together.

You no longer expect fairytale love, and realize that marrying someone you love does not necessarily mean happiness.

Also because you can’t be with the person you love most, you start to carefully choose a good condition and suitable for you. This usually takes a little time, so your marriage age will be relatively late.

  D, Ring: Moderate age of marriage.

  You are a home-like person. You want to have a stable family. Everyone can work together to live together. Every individual can have their own basic responsibilities and obligations.People can work with older or same-aged ethnic groups, and their careers and families can make progress in stability.

Your personality is pleasing and you have your own personal charm, so there are no shortage of suitors around you.