Office secretary is not old


Office secretary is not old

Sitting in the office for a long time, it seems that the legs and feet are the most relaxed and relaxed, but in fact, sedentary still makes him very hurt.

Think about whether you often have various symptoms such as “foot numbness”, “leg swelling” and “cool feet”. These may be due to the sedentary office, high heels waiting to be brought.

Therefore, staying in the office, you must not neglect the leg and foot care, here is the second heart of the person.


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Therefore, the sitting posture must be positive. When sitting for a long time, it is best not to exceed the replacement of the chair, and the back is as straight as possible.

Try to choose a harder material for the chair.

銆€銆€Put a pair of light cloth shoes in the office. Many officelady wear high heels to work every day. High heels are also the infamous “leg and foot health killer”.

When wearing high heels, 60% of the body’s weight needs to be supported by the forefoot, and the pressure is concentrated on the toes, which can easily cause knee valgus, thumb bursitis, hammer toe, and phalanx fracture necrosis.

Therefore, it is best for white-collar workers to prepare a pair of soft-soled shoes in the office. When the female fan is not needed, the legs and feet can be replaced.

銆€銆€”Dry-cleaning legs” prevent varicose veins by using a “dry-cleaning” massage technique to massage the legs during rest, which can effectively prevent varicose veins and muscle atrophy in the legs.

Practice: Hold the thigh root with both hands and massage from the thigh root until the foot.

Then, from the toes, often rub back to the thigh roots.

銆€銆€USB warm shoes from the bottom of the foot For many offices without heating and air conditioning, the autumn and winter shoes are like two small hail, the feet are separated and cold inside.

Chinese medicine believes that cold from the foot, if the long-term feet are cold, it is easy to get sick.

Therefore, these friends can prepare a pair of USB warm shoes in the office, use the USB interface to charge the shoes through the computer to heat up, to achieve the effect of warm feet.

銆€銆€Eat more potassium-containing fruits to prevent leg edema. A group of people can usually eat more fruits containing potassium metabolism, such as apples, papayas, strawberries, persimmons, etc., which can effectively eliminate leg edema and lower body obesity.

銆€銆€When you work in front of your computer, you can use your palm to gently rub your feet.

Spoke 20 times each time.

It can clear the blood and strengthen the leg strength.

銆€銆€The lame leg method can prevent calf cramps when the lunch break is prevented every day.

Practice: Lift the wall with one hand, tilt the calf forward, tilt the toes forward, and then move backwards.

Can effectively prevent calf cramps.