10 things if men can be more perfect

10 things if men can be more perfect

Are women greedy?

No, women are just perfectionists. Although the men around them are considerate and graceful, they still hope that men can be more perfect. At least 10 things they can do!

  He must be able to say “I love you”.

  -But more perfect: He can use beautiful sonnets to talk about why he loves you, or put a love advertisement in the newspaper on Valentine’s Day.

  He must be paid.

  -But more perfect: he belongs to a high-paying family with monthly income of more than millions.

  He must still like you even after you weigh five kilos more than before.

  -But more perfect: He can really like you after that five kilos.

  He must be willing to repent.

  -But more perfect: He can still offer flowers when he apologizes. In fact, it is definitely a more intimate gift to spend 100 yuan to order a copy of “Fashionable Jiao”.

  He must have friends.

  -But more perfect: their party doesn’t evolve into a clown show that speaks louder than beer.

  He must give you physical satisfaction.

  -But more perfect: from time to time he can also give you some extra fun “rewards”.

  He must remember to talk to his mother on the phone.

  -But more perfect: the reason for calling is because they have to contact via a long distance phone.

  He has to brush his teeth.

  -But more perfect: he can also comb his hair.

  He must be honest and reliable, without romance.

  -But more perfect: from the bottom of his heart, he believes that those wind and moon places have indeed caused demeaning and contempt for women.

  He must be honest enough.

  -But more perfect: He never did anything worth lying.