2 Yoga Breast Enhancement

2 Yoga Breast Enhancement

Strong black hair has always been the pursuit of many beautiful women. How can you make your uniform stronger and fuller?

I recommend you to do two styles of body-building yoga moves. Besides relaxing your breasts and back, you can also reduce fatigue and reduce stress. Doing these two moves every day will definitely make you forward.

  If you want to increase your breasts, eliminate side milk, and make your buttocks flexible, you are recommended to do “pray up” yoga.

This action can tighten the pectoralis major muscles, make the chest shape sharp, prevent the chest from sagging, and also tighten the tibialis biceps, extend and extend the triceps, and beautify the arm muscle lines!

  Pray upwards STEP BY STEP STEP1 Spread your feet naturally, palms of your hands and elbows close together, prepare to exhale.

  STEP2 inhales, raises the elbows, drives the upper body to extend upwards, raises the head upwards, looks diagonally above the eyes, and maintains 5 to 10 breaths.

  Back pain is a common problem nowadays. Whether it is a sedentary office worker, a housewife who often does housework, or a person who often carries too heavy items, they will feel uncomfortable stepping on, which will cause blood circulation.bad.

Cat extension yoga is very suitable to do before bedtime. It can stretch out the fatigue throughout the day, balance the muscles of the upper and lower backs, extend the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi, and strengthen the spinal elasticity to avoid skewing!

  Cat extension yoga STEP BY STEP STEP1 cat preparation.

The body is shaped like a cymbal, with both hands on the ground, shoulder width, knees, and pelvic width.

  STEP2 moves his hands forward to support the ground, extending forward and backward.

  STEP3 exhales, extends forwards, chest down, and stays on the ground.

Look diagonally forward, keep your breath 5 to 10 times, and then return to the baby-like rest.

  Tip: When the chest is close to the ground, the ribs should be retracted as far as possible, and do not expand outwards.