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California Department of Health warning: Do not try to put the phone close to the body (1)

  California Department of Public Health (CDPH) this week released a warning about hazards, CDPH requires people to reduce the use of these devices, and suggested to keep its distance as possible。Friends, said: After the rope tied to stroll, call thanks to roar。
    Cottage more dangerous frequencies used belong microwave intensity in the different states of the transmission signal is changed。The phone is switched on and the base station needs to establish contact when the network, the transmission signal power is larger; in the subway, elevators and other places, since the wireless transmission of signals between the handset and base station large attenuation of the signal becomes weak, then the call quality for the protection, power control technology makes the phone's transmitting power increases, the impact would be relatively large。
At present, China when the peak power requirements, the terminal must meet national standards, the power is in the safe range, but does not rule out some of the cottage in pursuit of call quality and increase the transmission power of mobile phones, which have a greater radiation。
  Determinants of the size of the size, mainly depends on its antenna design and other factors, in practical use, the size of the radiation and also as distance between the phone and the base station, geographical environment around the user, or the like disposed about the base station。
In general, the closer the mobile phone base stations, radiation will be smaller, and vice versa greater。
Cell phone radiation is mainly emitted by high-frequency radio waves caused。
According to the research of the American Association of mobile phones, mobile phone microwave whip antenna transmission, 60% of the human brain to absorb close。
Phone antenna radiation is to produce the strongest place, but only 2-5 cm from the human brain and the transmitting antenna, and is therefore a potential hazard。  China Medical Equipment CT Standing Professional Committee, Nanjing General Hospital of Medical Imaging Research Institute experts believe that Wang Jun, in general terms, the impact on minors and adults are much the same。Minors in the growth and development process, the phase greater the damage for adults。  Wang Jun said that the negative impact of minors nervous system most vulnerable to the。Long-term use may indeed cause minor memory loss, cognitive decline, but also easily lead to irritability, restlessness and other symptoms。  Rumors about rumors: 1, looked no sleep; 2, when receiving a call, a microphone from the mouth Zhang Yuan, for grenade-like; 3, alternately on both sides of the head in use; 4, hanging at the waist as far as possible, with Bluetooth headset and receive calls……。