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Face the problem of infant diarrhea, parents should pay attention to what?

For the baby diarrhea, is an extremely common problem, most children are two years of age。
Whether a cold or poor diet or eating contaminated food, can cause diarrhea。However different our children and adults, diarrhea also need to pay attention, because should the diarrhea caused electrolyte imbalance, the consequences are very serious。
Infant diarrhea five factors 1, the intestinal infection: mainly bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other harmful substances into the intestine, triggering infection, can cause diarrhea in children。
2, outside the intestinal infection: upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, can cause digestive disorders, may also produce symptoms of diarrhea, symptoms of diarrhea that is。
The younger the more common。
3, improper diet: more common in bottle-fed babies。
Improper diet diarrhea caused by the non-seasonal, due to the infant's digestive system is not perfect, low digestion, improper feeding。
Such as lack of food proteins, carbohydrates and more food readily fermentable in the gut and cause diarrhea。4, allergic diarrhea: such as milk or soy allergies caused by diarrhea。5, climatic factors: abrupt climate change, making bowel movements increased abdominal cold; hot weather reduced secretion of digestive juice or due to excessive thirst drinking milk and so can induce digestive disorders leading to diarrhea。
Child has diarrhea, parents should be how to deal with it first, parents should promptly baby's stool inspection。
Usually best to prepare at home on a routine hospital laboratory will then use the box, it is best not to scrape the feces of urine is not wet, after the best stool specimens for inspection within one hour。
Timely and effective, parents can choose to be sent to a nearby hospital laboratory specimens。
Second, the use of antibiotics is best to listen to the professional medical advice。In general, if stool tests showing that more white blood cells, even with bloodshot eyes, the possibility of large invasive bacterial infection, antibiotics may be considered in conjunction with the history, can and should be discontinued after stool tests normal, not premature withdrawal。When antibiotic treatment is not good, or when recurrent disease, should be timely referral, do stool culture, stool parasites, intestinal infections and other related special checks, such as weight loss even while colonoscopy clear need to further the cause of diarrhea。
If no stool tests or only a small amount of white blood cells, mostly viral infection or non-infectious diarrhea can be temporarily antibiotics, oral probiotics, montmorillonite powder, oral rehydration salts and other supportive care。
Third, acute diarrhea, the most serious cases of dehydration and electrolyte acid-base balance。If the baby stool water content and more and more often diarrhea or concomitant vomiting, poor feeding, can easily merge dehydration and electrolyte acid-base balance, and you should go to hospital for treatment, oral rehydration salts can be mild, severe vein under the guidance of doctors needed drip infusion。Otherwise, secondary to acidosis, electrolyte imbalance and even shock。
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