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Five Chinese medicine massage to help you live longer

Five Chinese medicine massage to help you live longer, the following small series details for you。 Since ancient times, whether civilians or emperor, that there is no pan-seeking Longevity of a religious alchemy of people, no man can truly repair the moral, but the longevity of the method is still found in many of the continuing experience of。 Massage health, heart health support, health and other fun variety, here we introduce you to the five methods of Chinese massage health。
Health enthusiasts reference support。
Five Chinese massage a method to help you live longer, axillary lymph wellness area, up to the most nerve-rich areas。
At its fitness mysteries, that after stimulated will make people laugh; laugh when the movement can get the organs, promote blood circulation, and to various organs get adequate exchange of nutrients and oxygen to the brain, heart and lung benefit a great deal。
Therefore, the experts called axillary。
Second, spinal wellness area it is the largest two meridians in the body of Du passing place。
The relationship between meridians and internal organs on both sides of the spine is very close。
Regular massage of the spine, can stimulate the dredge, blood running, blood meridian smooth, nourish the body organs and fitness。