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Four folk remedies to treat gout remedies relieve gout

, Gout has been plagued by a kind of serious illness in the elderly, patients with gout in recent years has been the increasing, so what folk remedies to treat gout today and 6681 to see a small series of folk remedies to treat gout bar!Folk folk remedies to treat gout perfect prescription: a cure gout prescription: a tortoise shell (*) 15 grams, 10 grams of black fungus, fry a bowl of soup a dose, the second day, and even served 5?7 days, avoid animal offal ,, acid composition。
Gout prescription two 1, 30 g Plantago (cloth), 500 ml of water, soak for 30 minutes after boiling, tea-drinking, day 1。 Can increase urine output, promote uric acid excretion。 2,60-120 g water, 1 daily。 It can increase uric acid excretion, lower blood uric acid, to prevent the formation of tophus, gout remission for。
3, anti-gout decoction: 50-100 g of raw Pueraria, decoction behalf of the tea, can prevent the recurrence of gout。 4, gout Bingpeng sulfur ointment: Take Bingpeng each with a sulfur ointment, topical mix thoroughly the affected area, can be blood JieDuTongLuo。
Together for gout joint swelling and pain, difficulty walking, medication once daily, usually administered 3-5 days to relieve pain。 5 folk remedies treatment of gout, hyperuricemia treatment of disease side: fresh loofah (200 g or so), washed, not peeled, diced; 60 grams of fresh, shredded。
The wormwood placed in the bowl, gourd placed on top of wormwood, wok ranch cooked, you can drink soup。
1 day, with more degrees。 6, consumption of a variety loosestrife tea treatment of gout: the money grass, plantain, dry goods (national pharmacy sale), 15 grams, add boiling water every morning offspring tea。 Gout will gradually slow down until healed。 Loosestrife and plantain has always been a diuretic, a drug often used row of stone, can promote uric acid droppings, restrain and remove urate crystals, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of gout, gout patients with active early。