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Blue cursor is apologize employees resigned after the sound: the company deliberately discredit its image

 Related reading: Source: Public No. 1 Mom called a little self, and asked me to work go okay?I answered as usual, very good。   These things, I can not and parents said, thanks to the company of her boyfriend refused to leave。
  As for why delete the manuscript, sent an apology letter, blue label believes mentioned in the text, "layoffs" and "within the executive bucket" to the company had an impact, the Commission sent to the Blue Label aspects of the inquiry letter。   At this point, the company continued to put pressure on us, we believe that the damage caused to the company。
However, we believe that the substance of the manuscript reflects the blue label forced the resignation of employees behavior, the paper was aroused social repercussions, precisely because blue is also the subject of this behavior was exposed。
  This paper reviews the contents of the individual, we will not have cause against Blue Label。
But in the end, in order to carefully deal with the actions of Blue Label area, we still do this under all kinds of pressure to make concessions。   This is the reason why we deleted the text of the apology。   We never make concessions to other facts。   As for the content of a statement issued everyone has their own judgment, I will not say anything。   Process, we feel that kind of pressure, experienced similar negotiations should understand this feeling。 My boyfriend and I are the first experience of this kind of thing, ages added together may not have the other a National People's Congress, does not prevail in the momentum and negotiation strategies。   These days continuity feel arrogance, hypocrisy and other ugly side of human nature。   "The last five minutes to give you time to consider deleting the article and apologize, or Blue Dart will take action。
I hope you consider the consequences of doing things, but also carefully consider your boyfriend。 "Final terms and blue label reached a consensus on several points: 1。
The article delete, and send a statement of apology, this is within the terms of the proposed Blue Label premise hours company thoroughly investigated, so that HR told me to apologize and make compensation for legal labor issues 3。
As other colleagues have similar labor relations, the company will open solve Channel 4。
Blue elevation tube original message recall and reissue a new consensus-mail March 15 in the afternoon to reach a consensus with the blue label from the 00 a little self-: 0003: 06 The first we made a compromise, the developments we are seeing the。   As of the second and third before posting there is little real progress。
  2 But people in place of the explosion Article。   Article Blue Dart is actually hope not to discredit me, protect my privacy。
Unfortunately, after we remove the article, he made a statement, or to see the Oscar made such messages, I had to discredit through some false description。
  "Was repeated customer complaints, lazy, there are more than 10 times tardiness absenteeism and even record in less than a month。

。 。 。
Content "this argument is clearly not what we agreed our。
About mentioned problem, as detailed below。
  Intense its wording, the words for it, so I can not believe this is a listed company CEO wrote a message full of。   Let us look at the wording of another executive。 Named to the surname, directly open black。   Message content to external media executives and ending as a summary of the event, I was incompetent and weak。
  The company negotiated several times and demanded the return of my reputation, supplementary explanation is given, but have received a negative answer。 People feel the arrogance of the big companies。   Blue Label aspects held by nothing less than the several views 1 thing is that you started it, Blue Label has also been hurt, Blue Label 2 under no obligation to do this thing, if you want to pursue this, we will consider your accountability 3 responsibility, the proposal is still no outside sound, and other things like the past, personal reputation is really not so important 4, if you take the initiative to leave, we will give you 5 compensation for this professional experience to make you neutral and objective evaluation (say a neutral to slightly positive), assist new companies to do the back-tone 6, of course, all this is perfectly logical for the hello triple, looks watertight, looking very favorable conditions。   No matter how we do kind of fight, the other answer has not left the top of this logic。 This week, it is suffering; this week's communication, and very inefficient。
  This is Blue Label。
  Of course, I will not compromise on this matter。
  Honor and truth, it is important。   3 questions we raised blue label, it has already collected a good relevant evidence。   On attendance issues, I have retained all the punch card system can be found in the records Screenshot。
As of February, the working hours are partly due to work properly display non-attendance, but the results are through the approval, I received in full on time every month wages。
  March's attendance has not been approved, where several days of non-normal record I have a reasonable explanation has been given specific reasons for work。
I believe this is part of the record Blue Label should focus on "interpretation"。   As for repeated customer complaints, employee relations, and so no, I have not received my partners and colleagues to direct feedback。 People can not prove that fact does not exist, it adopted piecemeal it。   I never thought my work ability, work attitude problem。 In the blue subject of two years, the annual salary of 13 can get the full two years of rapid growth Lianshengsanji makes me very grateful to the company。
  Also tell you that in detail about the specific circumstances of our department。
After follow the leader to the new department, the department has not been much actual business。   Our department is a new business development group, what the department is, what to do next, very difficult to say a word or two clear。   Directly under the leadership and I talked about last time, which referred to "internal if the right opportunity, then you also look at"。
Also from the side to prove that the name of the leadership of my ability to work or hold slightly positive attitude。
  A message was being described as such employees, who do not deserve blue label, do not deserve even the workplace of employees, other departments Blue Label can accept it?  At the same time the first sentence, as I understand most of the work directly under the leadership of the company he also felt I also needed to compensate。   Sector by sector, which I understand。
I have always been of the view that the layoffs may be, but the employees themselves forced to resign, it is not bullying you?  4 has now officially received the dismissal notice of the company's labor relations issue I will be the way of labor arbitration。   The company has been reluctant to give me a clear view, even in this last dismissal notice, I did not write because in the end what is the reason dismissed by the company's。 I guess, should the company is still looking for other reasons。
  Last words, "I have received and agreed that" if the word sign, it may labor arbitration when the company would say this is our consensus。 By this time, also encountered such details, but also do not know what to say。
  I said here about this company called Dorman ownership in media group。
Where I was before Beijing blue cursor digital marketing agency belonging to the blue cursor Communications Group。
It can be said, I always been a part of the subject of the blue。   Repeated efforts to communicate a week, eventually exchange for the dismissal notice, really funny funny。
  5 and then a small individual, also have the right to vocal。   Everyone's voice should be heard, recently I have read some of the comments users。
  Fiona users know almost answer from the user know almost Liu Qing answer online reviews of this event are many, we can see for yourself。   In addition, our message in the background, there are some underlying blue friends in the labor relations。
  We put a part of yourself to tell, and some scale is too large, or involves your personal information to hold the。   Interns see blue label insider, HR is the routine operation makes no mention of severance。
  Of course, there are also positive energy, such as the users said the entire group was laid off, also got compensation。
If this thing is true, a blue label executives said the company does not have any internal mail layoffs, is there any misconceptions about "cuts" the word?  This road called the most complete set of highlights, watching the heartbreaking。   If this is true, the company not only inhumane but also suspected of illegal。
  There are also old blue label people stand up and say so。
  6 According to the results of our previous communication, Blue Label aspects should be ready for the so-called evidence。
These days, Blue Label also have plenty of time to prepare。
  I would say that this time we will not retreat, whatever happens, we have been doing for the worst。
  In the blue target this time is actually quite diligent work, and then work until late, I did not complain about what。
But if the time to leave the company, is to get such an assessment, I think it is unacceptable。
  I decided to fight for themselves, for their own fragile reputation to fight。
  If in the future I have my own public relations firm, probably will not like this deal with public relations crisis Blue Label。
  Sincerely, rather than calculating, pragmatic rather than irrational, positive response rather than outright, problem solving restore the vital trust rather than simply cover up the problem。
  7 Finally, I want to respect the blue cursor can stop the infringement immediately and apologize。
  Oscar said he would never compromise of principle, but I also have my bottom line。   Finally, the last, I hope you return to the essence of things。
  Hope the blue cursor on HR violence layoffs, whether there is a reasonable compensation for former employees and other issues make a positive response and investigation, which is the public most want to know。 This is also true Blue Dart need to face the problem, I hope you can give out to the public convincing argument。
  Rather than dismiss my behavior discredit my personal image to rationalize HR alleged unlawful violence。
  You say that this is the case, we believe it?  Blue Label is too large to afraid to face their own problems。
I think, regardless of a company to do much, fear is a problem of values。   For example, some of the company should earn money, some companies should not be the province of the province of costs。
  Workers are vulnerable, but we always have to remember, the more vulnerable we are, the more their rights are not protected。   I would have liked to be able to solve the decent thing, but now it seems too difficult。   He let him strong strong breeze brush hill, he horizontal cross-by him, as the moon Oe。
  And we encourage each other, we will fight in the end。