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In just 9 trading days during the year of new shares to raise up to RMB drinks facing break | shares

  Source: Shenzhen Daily, the highest shares in just 9 trading days during the year faces up to break new shares during the year yesterday opened down nearly 2 percent, after exploration Yuan, from the issue price of less than 2%, then rebounded。
At the close, the stock rose%, to close at RMB。 Only nine trading days, the company is facing an embarrassing situation is about to break。
  In this regard, Yang Yuan drinks, said the company stock price volatility depends not only on business performance, but also by the macroeconomic cycle, a variety of factors such as the impact of capital market environment。 The company currently produces the normal business, financial condition, the company will do the operation and management of internal and external information to make effective communication。
  Not long ago, in a sign investors are still raising dollar drinks rejoice。 According to calculations, only to hit a sign on the first day can be profitable yuan, Yang Yuan drinks if new shares to maintain an average of seven daily limit, you can profit ten thousand yuan。
  However, only listed two days, this beautiful vision about the fall, the second trading day the stock hit bottom, to the ballot investors poured cold water。   Company February 12 yuan at high prices on the market。 The stock rose 44% on the first day, but then stock prices weak in the ballot institutions choose to leave。
Billboard Stock Exchange data show that Yang Yuan had drinks February 12, February 13, February 14, February 22 four times on the list。
Among them, only the next day in the listing, institutional seats to sell yuan, the top five sales department total purchase ten thousand yuan。
  Since Yang Yuan drinks from the filing IPO market was questioned。
Companies have come to rely on a single product, "six walnuts", the perennial sales remained at around 95%。
  The company had expected 2017 revenues in the range of one hundred million yuan?Billion yuan, down percent?%; One hundred million yuan net profit attributable to shareholders?Billion yuan, down percent?%。
  The company explained that the expected decline in performance mainly due to market competition growing plant protein drinks, as well as the Chinese New Year in mid-2017 is relatively early and relatively late Spring 2018, reduced sales revenue from two New Year sales season of mid-2017, At the same time, product packaging cans and other rising costs lead to lower gross margins, as well as increased cost of sales。
  Performance of the company in recent years, the growth rate down。
Data show 2014?2016 and the first half of 2017, the company's revenues were approximately billion yuan, 8.9 billion yuan and yuan, an increase of%,% respectively, -% -%; net profit over the same period corresponding to approximately one hundred million dollar, billion, billion and 1 billion yuan, an increase of% and%% -%。
  Despite the poor performance of the company, but there are still bodies behind。
Said benefit improve and enhance the capacity of the channel network, it is expected to speed the performance of Yang Yuan drinks, expected in 2017?After 2019 diluted earnings per share were RMB yuan, yuan, with reference to the valuation of comparable companies, giving Yang Yuan drinks 20?25 times PE, corresponding to TP?yuan。 Expected, 2017?2019, earnings per share were RMB yuan, yuan, giving the company the comparable 2018 an average of 25 times the valuation, target price yuan。
  With the new fall hit the market rate of return, time shares also sustained adjustment。
Data show that as of the end of last year since the 2016 listing of new shares, the stock appears five break。 This means that since 2016 the subscription of new shares implementation of new regulations, shares break finally came。
  In this regard, an economist Song Qinghui said that although due to the IPO price is artificially low and thus a relatively small probability of just listing the break, but the future does not rule out break of the new shares will increase, after all, the performance face some companies listed on the stock price pressure Big。