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Love!Public ridicule legend James hairline is behind him?

  Beijing time on March 5, according to US media reports, TNT "big mouth" Charles Barkley – recently performed a talk show, and also a little laugh LeBron – James。
  Not long ago, James and Durant together to participate in a show, and blasted US President Trump in the show。
After the broadcast, a female anchor attacked James Fox, James and asked, "Shut up, just dribble"。   This matter of public opinion in the United States caused a great response。
  Recently, TNT "big mouth" Charles Barkley – performing on stage of a talk show, and talked about this matter。   "Some people do not want to hear the sound from professional athletes, such as the lady FOX News, he called LeBron – James 'Shut up, just dribble'," Buckley said. "But in fact, just dribble Le Brown's fourth good things, the top three are: shooting, passing and magically make the hairline forward。 "Obviously, even behind the James Buckley despite vocal event for the community, but he also did not forget the fun of James Wong's hairline。   (Rosen)。