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Ming, you are not allowed to hit him, it Wushu, Wushu.”

  Pain Yunfang subconsciously let go, Xiao Ming fell to the floor crying loudly.
  Yunfang scared pale, originally heels kick stuff, Xiao Ming was a sharp cry scared forgotten action.
  Lu Ming bamboo fence on the farm ed child, at first wanted to say something, the children would have liked to play with their peers, Yunfang behave a bit too, can take into account not seen during the day Yunfang grandson, he did not hold back opening , at the moment it can not matter, he left the hands of the bamboo strips, rushed to pick up the Xiao Ming Yuan Ba, “loud noise, and there is no where to drop the?”
  Yunfang to react, staring Grievance was killing stuff, “all you’ve done, I fell and hit my wife and children out, if not non Dayton beat you, your parents come to me also is not wrong according to b杭州桑拿网eat.”
  Lianqi a moment to watch everyone laugh, I did not expect something like this would be minor, Sungui cents hurried to the kitchen with shouting concentrate on making shoes Xue Flower.
  Xiao Ming Lu Ming lying on the back, even the words are intermittent crying, “Grandma all, I want to play she will not let me go, she hit me, dad, grandma hit me.”
  He Luming process as see in the eyes, thinking of his mom used to the arrogance before, and sister shortly before the decorum sad heart, they will again couple complained a few times, after all, is the real mother, Lu Ming heart, little more or less guilty , have not come out in time to stop, think where things will trouble like this, to spread to the ears of li Xuemei, I am afraid it will be trouble.
  Although Li Xuemei soft-spoken, relating to children’s education she was determin广州桑拿网ed not to regress, careful study, it Yunfang this reason it is untenable.
  He gently patted the back of Xiao Ming coax him, “Dad have seen, Ming told his father where it hurts, where there is no discomfort, Dad take you to the hospital to see ah.”
  Xiao Ming shook his head, struggling to come down to