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atients, a disease like this, if the late only to find, to their families, it is a great mental torment.”

  ”.Early detection also means sends a signal to you, before the patient completely lost the ability related, and he can properly say goodbye.”Dr. Lu paused, observed state Kurtis brother and sister are okay just went on,” but also allows the patient still awake in the situation, properly arrange their own affairs, what to say, which account , have ordered in advance.”
  Dr Lu is not an exaggeration, he had seen many similar cases, some patients are hea深圳桑拿d of the family, the family of deposits in individual accounts, the results have forgotten the password, I forgot the location passbook and bank cards, the family over and over again, and finally even have to borrow money to see a doctor; and some patient’s family has been in the field, finally came back to find the patient has not recognize himself, burst into tears, wondering what the patient if he wanted to say, but one can not ask out.
  For humans, the flesh is in the endNot big, but he happens to be thrown into sugar Yunfang feet, “you eat like a sugar owe you a few dollars also did not like, back to you, not just a piece of candy you, I do not eat, scold me and my brother you’re welcome ah.”
  Xiao Ming look angry stuff, and my heart more well done, go out into the Yunfang hand hit his face, “You let me go, I want to play, I 杭州桑拿just want to play.”
  Yunfang not unwittingly, he suffered a slap in the face, his hands slipping almost to Xiao Ming fell out, seeing, more and more unhappy face shadow, raising his hand on the butt Xiao Ming took a few, “Who taught you to play grandmother increasing lawlessness, is not it, you do not see who did this南宁桑拿 to my grandmother, how old they are, and you play with them, people will be able to win easily, Why do not you learn good.”
  Yunfang stuff that they just unhappy at the moment to see him play Bob, I do not know how to think, rushed over to hug Yunfang thigh bite, “Let Xiao