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not the same as her brother and also handle every book it, how could it?

  Pei big sister now but had to calm some of her teeth told herself may fail: “Lu doctor, you say early detection and timely medical treatment very well, does that mean he can treat the disease now?I have heard people say, like cancer, early detection just fine, if it is late, is to spend more money refractory.”She looked expectantly at the doctor, just remark to her renewed hope, ah, big brother can and those who know her are not the same!
  ”.”Dr. Lu Pei big sister looking into the eyes 苏州夜网of a long silence, a long while, he firmly shook his head, shaking his head about it shattered hopes Pei big sister.
  ”Doctor, I’m not mad at you, I’m worried mind.”Pei big sister to explain the phrase,” If there is no sense that early detection of early detection What is the difference, is not the same can not cure it?”
  ”I ca爱上海龙凤419网n understand your feelings.”The doctor Lu her glasses, very calm, any family who is sick will encounter a hurry,” early detection means early treatment, early rehabilitation, although not a hundred percent, but with timely medication and rehabilitation for delaying the course of the disease is very effective.”
  He explained a lot, meaning not difficult to understand, this disease once begun, is irreversible, unlike many common diseases, there is a possibility of recovery, cure and rehabilitation, it means “change bad” can change speed slow, or does not become so bad, at least, it can be considered a star in the dark.
  ”I know.”Pei big sister back lost ground, he managed to smile,” but the doctor, and that sooner or later found, in fact, the difference is not so big.”
  ”For the patient, maybe not, some may be concerned for t苏州夜网heir families.”If people are introduced to the doctor Lu will not put it into their confidence, after all, the doctor-patient relationship strained, to put it too far, and so complained to the top and a lot of review,” To be honest, I have seen, I had handled like many p