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original may cause similar memory, judgment of disease on more than one problem, though do after asking a simple conversation, the doctor has a rough judgment, this is definitely a problem, you had better diagnosis, or open a list of a bunch of, what blood tests, MRI, several major items, each project must line up, especially in this MRI, had to advance appointment, appointment and so on come back tomorrow, took the time to check the list and then北京风月会所 going to the doctor.

  Sister Pei head and my heart really anxious, she can not wait, then holding a friend’s house to ask his son know that the Department of Neurology, doctors, three in it until more than eleven, the door that no talent dare go in for fear of inserted someone else’s team after all, they are clear, seek medical attention when we are worried about the same urgency, knowing that someone you know is after that neurology doctors will have no other reports, he confided the truth and they say, on the current Pei Naochun the performance, coupled with no relevant medical history before, now there is no other symptoms on the body, if nothing else, the likelihood is that Alzheimer’s disease.
  ”.But according to Mr. Pei said, he was both a genius this problem, before the words are very clear and bright, large probability or early symptoms, such as memory symptoms like this, many families will feel okay, early medical treatment can be very few, after all, these symptoms can easily be ignored, there are a lot of people to the hospital for the last time, have even the basic dialogue is a problem, and timely medical treatment, is v广州桑拿网ery good.”The doctor was very kind to comfort Lu.
  Pei Sister holding a square block wiping her tears: “not what we found is that I feel is wrong brother, Dr. Lv You see, my brother is such a clever man, and even their wrong situation can be found, how he will get this disease it?”She can not figure out if it was her own, she can understand, after all, she was a fool, do not love to think, can