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to the sixth floor.”Sister Pei get a good number, so she took everyone o南宁桑拿nline, more than taking her neatly, and then continue to comfort Pei Naochun,” This is how a big deal, big brother, I tell you, no this gene in our house, you forget large we parents when young, all of them smart, people say, this thing is to talk about genetic!Our ancestors eighth generation did this wrong, afraid of what?Besides, people ah, older, this life to remember things more, which more or less, do not have to forget that?”Her speech rate faster than usual, crackling and meal say, have two people who know her a tight see through her heart.

  Pei Naochun think was pretty warm in the original body of memory, which can be considered two sisters speak a lot of heart for him, but later, they both old has come up, they have to take care of their own families, they can only watch with its own niece to take care of his father a little bit bruised and battered, helpless, there are several times that this Guzhi three, sitting on a direct cry, of course, when the original body memory comprehend not only baffled, and even some fear , retracting the room without looking.
  ”You do not worry for me, if really ill, early check out or, we can more tha南宁桑拿n one brother and sister get together, cherish the present time, and I think one day is better than talking, I forgot everything found Ok?”
  ”To shut up!”Pei big sister rare angry,” Do not talk nonsense, Peipei Pei, did not check it!You are so professional, a doctor Why do not you do it yourself?How could anyone not see a doctor, gave his diagnosis!”
  ”Yes, Sister was right, maybe it is a little wrong!”Sister Pei also nodded, sometimes not refuse to give up until all hope is gone, but even if there is a glimmer of hope, hope is a good that will result.
  But sometimes, everything always backfire, even if there is no amount of hope, will be collapsed in the face of reality.
  To diagnose Alzheimer’s, and do a lot of checking, Kurtis three siblings also knew the