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ister called big sister, though to see her cry, Pei Naochun reaction for a long time, called back, can Pei big sister and Pei sister hearts are clearly, it seems that this time, Big brother really is sick.

  For both of them, it has always been a big brother who can rely on, this is the core of their three siblings, although relatively older brother some of them can be the difference was not much, they jokingly said several times in the past, do not know three siblings who would go in front, but when such a sudden outbreak of disease, still like thunder, deep-fried in the human heart.
  ”Nothing, big sister, people there are to be sick, sick to cure, cure to die, people in my entire life, who do not die?”Pei Naochun softly appease his sister, he did in fact look very open, and now the disease is not progressing quickly estimate, he has experienced through many things in the world 南宁桑拿on their own assessment, also remember clearly, too many dead back to see also opened a lot of illness and death.
  ”nonsense!Now technology is so advanced, how can cure the disease ah!”Pei big sister snorted, her grandmother’s life are the people, and now like a child, crying mess, but she knew that this senile dementia, probably not so good governance.
  People to this age, how much heart also some numbers, then even healthy people, can not help but ears, secretly listen to some information on the age-related diseases, normally chat Laoke, most frequently mentioned, they which is which one of the surrounding old, he got sick, what happened, or go.
  We most fear, and have actually not a third kind, but will make people lose all self-care ability of the disease, whether it is Alzheimer’s, stroke, or paralysis caused by, should t深圳桑拿网hey hear of discoloration, shudder, sometimes, have put I could not say if one day I became like this, might as well go better.
  If something to cure Alzheimer’s, top local stations every few days, how will Gordon do what the missing person?
  ”Well, hang up, and we went