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he doctors know more than, around dementia, stroke, paralysis of various each the old man never like a lot, there are so pleasant is a bad habit, did not seem to happen to them, they will think this thing very far away from their own.

  ”Sister!”Sister Pei gasped, just finished with a dance back, her 北京夜网hand with a bunch of equipment,” No, I’m not busy, you say!”She gasped drink, face is getting worse, and finally fell into those things fall to the floor but he did not find.
  ”Well, I went to!I went to!”
  Is just seven, the doorbell rang at home, Pei Naochun南宁夜生活网 opened the door, he saw two red eyes is his sister, he smiled: “Oh, crying, not serious, how it started to cry.”
  Pei Sister sobbing: “You do not scare me, older forget what is not normal for you!Let’s go to the doctor, you can not scaring themselves!”
  ”Well, do not worry, do not be afraid ah big sister.”
  Pei big sister in your hand handbag directly off the ground, a bunch of tears welling up directly.

Chapter 101 forgotten world (XVI)?(eighteen)
  For sick people, to around, or better enjoy the best medical resources, it can be considered a fortunate thing, at the same time, the pain is more dignitaries, even to enjoy the best medical resources later, still you will find medicine is not a panacea.
  Not far from where Kurtis, it is?Second, like all city hospitals, central hospitals and three general hospitals, hospi北京养生会所tal neurology and hepatobiliary surgery department are regarded as a trump card, is very famous in the country, opened the door every day, there will be a lot of influx of patients queuing , scrambling to register for fear of delayed diagnosis and treatment time.
  Sister Pei action agile, she is responsible for holding Pei Naochun Medicare card to register ahead, the big sister holding Pei Pei Naochun sitting in a chair on top of the hall, thoughtful eyes now or red, she looked very trance, you know, just just, I own shrewd brother lifetime, actually all of a sudden like not recognize same governing Pei s