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Infrastructure investment to tilt the field of clean energy and other green intelligent force to focus

  Reporters learned that this year China will strengthen the transportation infrastructure covering "surface air" in areas such as。
Channel aspect will be further refined through rivers and seas, Lunar convergence of channel network to improve trunk waterway traffic capacity and linear waterway grade; railway, will start the construction of Beijing to male security and other railway, accelerate the construction of the Beijing-Shenyang high-iron; aviation, will actively promote the new airport, Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao and other construction, promote a number of hub airports and regional airport expansion project。
  Nineteen major report clearly stated the construction of "traffic power"。 This year is the start of the year "traffic power" building, all regions have made transportation infrastructure to enhance networking, to create a modern integrated transport system, traffic, transport infrastructure investment totaled local level scale will exceed 2 trillion yuan。
  Infrastructure is also overweight in traditional areas, such as water conservancy, started again this year a number of major water conservancy projects, to strengthen the small river management, reinforcement of small reservoirs and other water conservancy construction and other weak links。   It is worth mentioning that the infrastructure in new areas become investment focus。
This year, China should promote the "Internet +" convenient transportation construction, enhance the overall quality of transportation service。
At the same time, long-term mechanism to build clean energy consumptive, accelerate the clean and efficient use of traditional energy, strengthen power grids, oil and gas pipeline network layout optimization and interoperability, etc.。
  Some analysts said that investment in infrastructure as a "regulator" of China's economy, dominated by macroeconomic policy, took the lead in policy objectives will inevitably lead to changes in infrastructure investment。
Infrastructure began to tilt to a green and intelligent, this will become an important part of China's economic transformation and upgrading。
For example, to speed up the "Internet +" convenient transportation construction, can significantly promote China transport industry, in large data industry matures background, intelligent transportation industry in China is growing rapidly, facing a rare investment opportunity。
  However, this year the deficit rate expectations have come down。 Because of government expenditure, including the general budget expenditures in infrastructure as one of the main sectors of the general budget spending, deficit reduction rate expectations, the market is widely expected this year, the growth rate of investment in infrastructure will be a corresponding downlink。
Researcher at the Institute of International Finance Bank of China Gao Wei said that this year the deficit rate cut, only the size of the deficit with last year, while local financing will further standardize, support for infrastructure investment may weaken。   Nevertheless, some experts hold a different view。 CITIC Securities researcher obviously believe that the deficit rate cut does not necessarily mean financial support for capital construction weakening。 2018 special local government debt issue size will be significantly up, in favor of funding to support infrastructure investment。
Meanwhile, this year the amount of land rose significantly, is expected to increase financial investment in local infrastructure。
In addition, JINGXIONG intercity railway was formally started in the end of February, with the construction of major infrastructure such as male New security be launched, is expected to follow a number of projects will gradually start to become an important component of infrastructure investment in 2018。   Some experts pointed out that to attach importance to the role of private capital in infrastructure, in particular to support private capital into the oil and gas and telecommunications, orderly government to promote cooperation and social capital (PPP) model to encourage private capital to participate in a variety of it works inventory of assets。
  CICC chief economist Hong Liang expressed, PPP projects in the future will pay more attention to the progress of the implementation of the floor, and after the completion of the project operational status。
2018 infrastructure investment, despite the rise in financing costs may prevent some project financing low-quality, low-return more difficult, but for now, the rising investment demand overall trend should continue。
In addition, tightening credit conditions may also be appropriate to promote the project, "survival of the fittest", so as to enhance the overall return on investment, enhance the sustainability of the investment cycle。   Some experts said that optimistic about the future of rural infrastructure facilities construction。
Guo Lei, chief macroeconomic analyst at GF Securities, said the construction of rural infrastructure is a starting point for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, is a prerequisite for the activation of the value of the homestead elements。 One future policy direction is to improve farmers' homestead idle and idle rural housing policy, make an inventory of homestead value, if you want to develop suburban rural housing development lease or other commercial use, water, electricity, gas, roads and other supporting infrastructure is a necessary condition。
At the same time, land value-added benefits it can provide part of the funds for rural infrastructure。
  Currently, the government is also accelerating the deployment of relevant。
This year's government work report to make arrangements to promote the comprehensive development of various undertakings in rural areas, clearly improve the water supply, electricity, information and other infrastructure, rural roads were built 200,000 kilometers。   Reporter intern Wu Hao Lin Yuan in Beijing。