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, mother and daughter talking and laughing into the kitchen, s南宁夜网aw Zhao Xiaoling standing next Zaotang, are pancakes, gooey corn and sour tea with minced on a piece Stir, attached to the pot along next, will be much, is a glistening yellow tortilla.

  Nguyen looked at the rain, which made tortillas face today, see no mixed bran, sub-powder apparently.
  She Mouguang shimmer杭州夜网论坛ing, turn your back against Fang Xiulan said, “Mom, let’s lunch halogen trotters, in a one-sided soup how to do?”Fang Xiulan good cooking, made out of one-sided soup children is a must.
  In particular, there is a halogen trotters, from the top down big fat slice a few pieces, thrown into the pot inside, so one-sided soup, it tastes Barbara smells can can smell in the courtyard of the old Ruan.
  Fang Xiulan see their own daughter spirit of good head, and my heart is also light and spacious, she should be a cry, “No problem, you go to your brother and go with plots that ditch there, give me a pinch tender celery water back!”
  Inside the moat planted with water celery, Ruanzhi Wen is dug from the river bank back there, these are vegetables, which are more rural, but a lot of people staring, Ruan Zhiwen clever, long ago staring at the ri上海夜网ver water celery next to the embankment, sprouted he took a hoe attached to the stalk with mud to dig back.
  Digging back to that thrown into the ditch inside plots, ditches throughout the year and more rain, and the sun shine, water celery from time to most places like this, and already dug a small basket back, and they eat often, this pinch once, long water celery and some more prosperous.
  And in the back yard, from the past, if the soup at home, then you can always go back to a pinch, keeping the whole flavor of the soup have mentioned a few of the fresh.
  Nguyen replied smiling rain, not enough time to turn around, the more his mouth a piece of lean meat, obviously Fang Xiulan when piece trotters, specifically to Nguyen rain left a piece of thin down, this is the year