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ead like hang around and see the cereal and bread, it can only be so simple to prepare, until now, he still can not remember, he has promised his daughter to prepare what style breakfast.

  Not to mention, heSpecially burned the water, that did not burn, press again for a while, trance, if not open the lid looked at, chances are the water boiled away do not know.
  He was wearing a small che杭州夜网论坛st pocket of the shirt, where you are with a pen, Pei Naochun immediately get up, head back turned the page, wrote Note: Remember to turn on to see when boiling water, make sure there is no longer burnt burning, a day to prepare meals ahead of time what a good mind, do not forget.
  Then he stood in the living room, sighed deeply, that desperately want to forget their own can not remember what the feeling is really very terrible, Pei Naochun even dare to think, really forget everything, forget self, the “I” or “me” it?
  But now refused to take them, he quickly picked up the phone, according to the schedule required by playing the phone, time constraints, he wants to try to be back by noon.
  Soon the phone is turned on, older people sleep less are generally up early, Pei Naochun two sisters, as well as the habit of morning exercis广州桑拿e in the morning, not to play ball is dancing, five days also are starting to dawn the.
  First received a phone call that Pei big sister, she was cooking a meal: “Brother, what?I do at home, ah, you want me to come across?OK, a few?.seven thirty?Doing so early in the past?You have to see a doctor?”She has both hands kni深圳桑拿网fe down, sitting in a chair outside the living room on top, and looked more and more serious,” You mean.You feel like a senile dementia?”
  ”Well, all right, you do not own a person to go out, so I go there again, you do not call, you do not know to explain, and I said Sister.”Pei big sister anxiously to hang up the phone, hands tightly holding people to the old, it is necessary to service old for geriatrics, chances are they are smaller than t