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ith Haotian!”

  Pei Baoshu remember, when former school organization to buy Women’s Day bouquet, she went to a few back, florist usually recommended insert the stars at a few flowers like carnations, the forget-me-as an embellishment, it will not be too monotonous, when she spent the impression that this “embellishment”, so Dad can be a pack, a holding, bustling actually be very cute, attractive.
  ”Grandfather Goodbye!”I Ze obediently and 深圳桑拿grandfather waved flowers or something he was not jealous of it, he sent her mother yesterday rose the car is still stuck in it.
  ”Goodbye!”Pei Naochun waving, looking at the two figure a little bit disappear, shut the door, his hands dig into his pocket, took out that only about a palm-sized booklet, with a circle next to the book, a page.
  The first one, written by Pei Naochun personal circumstances and home address, he wrote nod daughter’s name and phone number, accompanied by the words, “Should lost, please return, there must be re Xie.”This is a rainy day, if lost, chances are good-hearted people encounter, will be able to go home.
  The second page is Pei Naochun last night, according to online searching can get the test items, try to test themselves, one by one and copying under the circumstances, dense, behind there own account, he wrote these day, it is how to find their own memory loss, the situation is not quite right, and I hope to help physicians diagnose whether there have been Alzheimer’s disease.
  Later, Pei Naochun Write your own schedule today – ironically enough, he now even the 佛山桑拿memory of the original body of a child eating a piece of candy is what the brand wants it, but things just happen in a blink of an eye but then it forget.
  In fact Pei Baoshu do not know, this morning he is not ready to get up earlier, is specifically tune the alarm clock early, afraid that they forget what, sure enough, he woke up, stood in the kitchen for a long time, how could not remember what to prepare today and later like without a h