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yesterday morning, today Haotian came back, he wanted to go downstairs to buy Haotian like to eat it Shuijian Bao!

  ”.”Pei Naochun a God, suddenly back to God,” No, I want to eat oatmeal is also very good, there is no out.”He single-handed in his pockets, tightly clutching a hand-check before last night’s little book.
  Pei Baoshu looked at his father for a moment, I could not help but ask: “How are you sleep last night?How little swollen face?”As long as Dad is sleeping well every time, will immediately face swollen up, his eyes seemed to have some depression, is the case today.
  ”Ah, a little insomnia.”Pei Naochun buried, for the time being staggered daughter’s eyes.
  ”Under that when we 杭州桑拿go out, you can be sure to go to sleep, I try to come back as soon as noon cooking, you rest at home okay?”Pei Baoshu worried the account, people over fifty, all kinds of problems to come, what gout, diabetes, high blood pressure.Variety, some elderly or even a day to eat the medicine can be installed half a bo上海419同城对对碰x, although my father has always been physical healthiness, may also not prevent.
  ”Well, I wait for the next break.”Pei Naochun did not look up, in fact he was lying, and so he was going to go out.
  Peibao Shu and Yu Ze shuffles not eat a temper, such as a clean sweep of the two, what put food to eat clean, and the two of them get on their backpack, a ready to work, ready to go to school a.
  ”Bao.”Pei Naochun stopped daughter.
  ”Ok?How the dad?”Pei Baoshu stood still,” What you want to do a little?What do you want to eat at noon?”
  ”No, this is, you bring the school stuck with yesterday’s flowers, good-looking.”Pei Naochun come up from the table next to a small bag, placed inside a block of water sponge to spend, few of them will forget-me stuck on top, purple, blooming, slender branches.
  ”Well, I took the last table inserted in 杭州夜网论坛the office, certainly looks good, thank you dad.”Pei Baoshu sweet smile, the flowers carefully correct Grab, waved his hand,” I will go to school w