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t diagnosis, most people do not have even the slightest knowledge of life, but also to live well in the care of intelligent robots, [so I forgotten must accept it?]

  [Yes, even in the future, you may al深圳桑拿网so be a similar illness.] 009 tone of voice suddenly became emotional, [that man is like a miracle, because that is difficult to duplicate, and only one life, regret things can not be again, what has been lost is also very difficult to get back.]
  [Okay, thank you for your answer.]
  [Okay, today is the free advice :)] 009 at the end of also tried to open a joke, can Pei Naochun stopped laughing, he seemed to understand the meaning of 009, but does not seem to understand.
  ”Forgotten, it is also possible that the inevitable?”He held out his hand, a grip in the air, caught nothing, let go, too, empty.
  Lights on the back is turned off, Pei Naochun dressed in jacket sat down at the desk, opened the book and began sped his pen something, since everything will start soon, it had better make early preparations.
  ”Well, well, you 苏州夜网little slob, how much people are, but also how to stay in bed because I was caught up losing his temper ah.”Pei Baoshu reluctantly shook his head, held out his hand to pluck the face pinch son, Yu Ze morning like a caterpillar in bed drill to drill, life and death that would not, in the end she no recourse but to quilt yixian, forced the people to dig up, holds many lessons for the child ah, is losing his temper it.
  Yu Ze face resentment: “Mom obviously you get up early, I can sleep five minutes!”Is there a clock in his room, he does not mean to stay in bed, but you want to sleep a few minutes, my mother did not know that a few minutes are the happiest.
  ”Well, I apologize to you, I’m sorry, but we get up early is right, you see, my grandfather so much more than we get up early, also prepared a lot of good it!”She pointed to the 苏州夜网table of cereal, toast them,” Dad, you did not go out in the morning?”Pei Baoshu suddenly some doubts, my father said