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mmediately my heart missed a beat, it is panic, this daughter and examples cited in fact quite similar, but he always felt, represents some kind of signal.

  [009, Are you there?This world, and I will be the same as the 杭州桑拿original body, forget everything you?Including systems, including myself, including memories of the original body?]
  He waited a long time, that there will be no echo, 009 suddenly appears: [will, but in order to avoid excessive host into the story, and for personal reasons, the disease will not develop into a serious extent can not take care, it will provide about an hour a day wake-up times, allowing the host to restore conscious.]
  Pei Naochun understand the meaning of 009, the system of this world, were modified to some extent, his condition is not as serious as the original body, and even life can not take care of themselves, but forgotten.If you forgot the really terrible, Pei Naochun just think, maybe one day, he would forget that he was the next person Pei Naochun feel a little huddle, This is not his timid, only human in the face of “self-effacement” , innate sense深圳桑拿网 of fear.
  [Such a disease in the future, and it is similar to Alzheimer’s disease?] Pei Naochun can not help wondering, his non-medical graduate, for these diseases and not particularly understand.
  [I regret to tell you that there.] 009 mechanical sound somehow become misty up, [humans as intelligent beings, the mystery of the body beyond all imagination, always trying to solve problems, may never have new problems arise, just as humans can not immortalized Like, even if they are trying to clone copy, that is not the original that person.]
  It sounds very low: [I have a senior told me that intelligent life like us, a sense of eternal life, human beings can not, then regardless of the efforts, life must be a limit.]
  [Okay, I understand.] Pei Naochun suddenly very sorry that he had not elective medicine, after all, the future of medical treatment have been half thanks to广州桑拿网 intelligen