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, she was most worried about, is that after the divorce her husband, Yu Ze life in a missing father figure how to make up, there may be her father’s very reassuring, whether it is to travel in time, or after the home, the father is like a gigantic mountain, dignitaries can rely on.

  ”Wow, my favorite sweet and sour ribs then, my grandfather very kind of you!”It is a lively kitchen inside, more than a Ze long forgotten his promise just to be issued in the heart of the Cold War and the grandfather of one hour, affectionately 深圳桑拿close to my grandfather’s face and rubbing.
  ”Well, well, Dad, Ze, the dinner the!”Pei Baoshu into a smile, began to help Dafan, under her order, to quickly put down Naochun Pei Yu Ze, also began to serve later, end up soup.
  Ze much more than a talented, but still can be responsible for the dishes, before he gallantly ran back, put away the dishes, then obediently sat in his place, waiting for food.
  Pei Baoshu has also been seated, their home habits unless someone can not come, or are like family to sit together and we have dinner, watching her father, do not come, could not resist opening: “Dad, how can you not eat?What are you doing?”She is very strange.
  ”Soup spoon to fight it?”Pei Naochun confused with a straight face, round and round the kitchen,” I remember I just put here to the!”
  ”Grandfather, this spoon in it!”I look杭州桑拿 most Ze a tip, found him missing a spoon, it is placed in the pot,” just when you end up soup, spoon on the inside of the!”
  Pei Naochun this out, saw the spoon relieved: “I say, looking for a long time did not find it!”He tapped his forehead, ‘my brain, forgetful, remember even this, old people, a dud.’
  ”What is the old saying do!”Pei Baoshu listening to harsh and uncomfortable, took his father seated,” you people this sixty-something, it just retired, now often called on the government to delay retirement yet!You forget that Li would your co-workers, and now it is still home to open a small table!How old it will!”