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Yu Ze a heart, also born there is some faint idea of my grandfather and other signs of interaction – in fact he really was very aggrieved, grandfather flowers themselves, never take him, do not let him move balcony f北京夜网lowers, simply Well jealous of his mother more pain!He began his long journey of hand-made, sometimes a flower in her mother wrote a greeting card to the bottom of the painting, sometimes find some wrapping paper bag book cover remaining, cut a blossoming flower stick together, and today he also learned new skills, origami version of roses, other than total public real flowers, that he used to win the mind.

  It is because of the efforts of the two men at home, Pei Baoshu almost every day, can laugh from morning to night – of course, except when Ze help job look, smiling, she actually looks a lot younger than ever, I did not see is their recently divorced her husband derailment forced against women.
  ”Grandpa, Grandpa, I do not want you!”I can be considered a Ze mouth too body integrity, his mouth has been Sui Suinian ill gra苏州夜网ndfather, you can not home, then faster and faster pace, bounce and took it from her mother to come to the keys, opened the I rushed in the door.
  ”Yo, we have a back Ze.”Pei Naochun wore a small pink floral aprons, being heads out from the kitchen, a grandson to see the smile will be, open hand, then put a kid hold up,” ah, my grandfather weigh.Heavy, your grandpa ate many good things it can?”
  ”How can!No weight!”Ze effortsInspiration, he seems indeed been trying to recover a little bit of belly, he still do not understand, so suction alone can not reduce the weight of its own truth, “I do not eat what!”
  ”Ok, you do not have.”Pei Naochun picked up more than Ze come easily, deliberately accelerated rushed to the kitchen, suddenly accelerated at high altitude excitement, could not help but be more than a Ze excitedly exclaimed,” you look at my grandfather to do What feast!”
  Pei Baoshu outside looking in, smiled and shook his head