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eachers, and they teach and how they interact when he accidentally hand Coincidentally, the teacher asked a lot of times, looked on helplessly, so he followed stacked out, of course, the details still some rough, “Dangdang when afternoon and I a teacher, this is roses, for mom, I love you!”

  ”Wow, really beautiful.”Pei Baoshu immediately took it carefully, carefully grasp the nod to do the paper roll pedicel, also close to the top two leaves some rough edges, can see it cut too much of a small double-sided adhesive exposed part of it, “Xie Xieze a mother especially like!”
  She carefully put the flowers in the other car: “This mother will be able to see Ze gave me a gift every day!”
  I looked at the mother-tae深圳桑拿网k, a careful treatment of their own to send flowers but also very happy, a leg kick a kick: “Yes mom, my grandfather recently did not send you to spend ah!”He hid his little mind, pretending to ask questions and do not care.
  ”Ok?There ah, your grandfather back in the morning I sent a few pieces of hydrangea tweed.”Pei Baoshu start苏州夜网ed the car, ready to go home, just in time, do not wait too long to let my father.
  ”Well ah.”Suddenly Ze a low, small fists clenched, and sure enough, while he was away, my grandfather sneaking!
  During this time, almost every day, and will Naochun Pei Pei Baoshu grandson separately to prepare a small gift or a small surprise, how much time and money without having to spend down, sometimes one out of the papers, sometimes a breakfast when she was a child the most like to eat dumplings, and sometimes flowers, sometimes painted with much love small cards.
  Pei Naochun adhere to, and that is a week to the local wholesale flower garden flower that buy once, buy a component of a week, plus expenses, spend less than fifty altogether, these flowers are generally inserted after finishing leaves home to the vase, or quietly put Pe北京夜网ibao Shu bedside, or to her to school on the desk decoration, every time to see, to be in a good mood Pei Baoshu.