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t, there where he suddenly felt wrong.

  ”wrong.”I Ze shook his head,” Grandfather, you like to eat carrots, cabbage I like to eat, why not chickens like to eat fish?Do not eat fish every chick?”He gave a puzzled expression,” Your grandfather has not seen all the chicks all over the world, how do you know chicks do not eat fish?”
  ”.”No, Pei Naochun suddenly shocked, he thought there is anything wrong, he really seen the chickens eat small fish,” that.A teacher may be the subject of a problem with it?That right, the next problem we 南宁桑拿do first.”
  ”dad!!”Next to being spectators Pei Baoshu immediately explode, how their own father talking, it was a logical Ze to go around, and also the next question it!In case the next question and he said do not understand it?
  Pei Naochun embarrassed smile, looking back to her daughter, teacher gold medal honors in this new world, faced with the threat of rupture.

The second round, failed.
  Son is cute, do homework son, like a little devil head top corner, think of these, Pei Baoshu not help but helpless, she has been out of the car, the team is eagerly waiting for his son to come the class, the school provides a Parent waiting area, students will be lined up, and then when their parents took the child to.
  ”mom!”Ze eleven I saw my mother, could not help but bounce up, though, and grandparents are very happy toget爱上海龙凤419网her, but did not see her mother for a week, he is really special especially like her mother.
  After all, he has not the same as before!His grandfather and made an appointment to it like a man to protect mom!He is not, my mother must be very lonely, perhaps even secretly tears it!
  Of course, his words are keeping everything inside the head myself think, if candid out, chances are it will be a huge blow, because his beloved grandfather and my mother would tell him gently, not in the past few days, two people sit steady steady enjoy the warm time of high blood pressure, a lesson, one does not know what to write in the room, th