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Betrayer will not open 杭州龙凤网the door once, or stab your knife.

  When can to this day, she actually glad that they do not engage in any small three interviews, because she found, in a sense, their brain circuits, was never on the same channel.
  As she does not understand, I’m obsessed Why hooked her husband, she does not understand why the forest can do now obsessed with this point, whether it is holding the premature birth of a child, a large summer sun in front of half-day to the hospital one day or repeatedly Sapo slapstick that affect the normal order of the hospital.These are she did not understand, since two people love each other to be ignored out of marriage together, now why can not it good?
  There are more than Haotian, she made the other’s wife for so many years, actually it has not completely understand him, she never thought he would be ruthless t广州桑拿网o the point that they want to send Lin obsessed jail.
  Three months, she lost her marriage, ten years, she did recognize her husband.
  Positive staring it, hanging in the position of the steering wheel on the right side of the phone screen will light up, the information is sent to the father, he said today to buy a fresh sea bass, to her favorite perch stewed tofu soup and told her to go back to home, saw the message, Pei Baoshu immediately brought back corners of the mouth, facial features inside full of laughter.
  To some extent, Pei Baoshu this time even felt that he seemed to become a teenager himself, carefree, without regard to worry so much life, the only trouble is probably the son of endless homework it?
  Work every day to meet her is a table of good food, sitting opposite her, she loved her father and son, at night, if i广州桑拿网n a Ze, that the two of them round with a Ze teach reading – yes, Ze teach more than reading a job is so difficult, if not a system of rotation, even if it is Pei Baoshu to love their baby son, will be in each other again and again tortured, defeated.
  for example –
  ”Come on, Ze, you tell