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The Lakers were swept!Bryant 17 min 3 min 36 min calf record level cut rout

In this round of the series, the Lakers repeatedly miss the first battle in the fourth quarter and the third war were to be overturned calf。
Lakers fatal flaw is not guard the Mavericks outside, so that they are free hit three。
Today, the Lakers seem to have collapsed psychologically, the defensive line is non-existent outside。   The first section of the Mavericks had four three-pointers for Houston, but the two sides are evenly matched in this section or posture。
Bryant to redeem, to attack, single scored 13 points, but failed to hit the outside shot twice。 Kidd after the third hit, leading the Mavericks to 19-13, Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant each also to a ball, the Lakers scored six points in the match, but Terry is hit a record third, the Mavericks continue to lead。
After the first section, the Mavericks to 27-23 a slight advantage。   Third of the Mavericks first section only tentative, II began full-blown。 Terry in the beginning of this section on the third hit, this section played less than five minutes, he had hit three-pointers, while Stojakovic is followed by the third, the Mavericks 50-32 to expand the。 When more seconds of this section, this section Terry hit a fifth one-third, the Mavericks to 63-38 ahead。
First half, Terry hit six three-pointers, one scored 20 points, while Peja Stojakovic also hit 3。   The Lakers have been voted psychological breakdown, and Kobe Section 5 vote only 1, only 2 points, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol missed the basket also frequently。
Halftime, the Lakers 39-63 behind。   In the third quarter began the Lakers Ron Artest hit a record one-third, it was their second hit three audience。 Terry playoff career the most magical night continues, the middle of this section, he hit two consecutive three-pointers in 33 seconds, leading the Mavericks to 71-46。 This section there are 2 minutes and 50 seconds, Terry once again succeeded long shot, the individual has hit nine three-pointers, tying the NBA playoff record。
Stojakovic has since third succeeded, the Mavericks 86-57 lead with 29 points。 After three sessions, the Lakers to 62-86 behind。   The Lakers became not only the captains of supporting Terry, the Mavericks have become the main protagonist, Dirk Nowitzki scored only four points the third quarter, but Jason Kidd, Stevenson, Chandler and Marion total of four in this section 5 missed shots, scoreless。
  Bryant scored 13 points after the first section, then could not find the feeling, Section 5 only 1 vote, the vote total loss and the third 3。
Fourth quarter and 7 minutes and 54 seconds, he was relying on free throws scored 2 points, this is his first time in the second half to score。
When the Mavericks continue to expand the advantages of the game there are 4 minutes and 59 seconds, after Peja Stojakovic third succeeded, they lead to 112-78。   Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki, who not only rest on the sidelines, Terry did not play in this section, as early as their victory a foregone conclusion。   Lakers starting lineup: – Kobe Bryant, Derek – Derek Fisher, Andrew – Andrew Bynum, Paul – Gasol and Ron – Ron Artest。
  Mavericks starting lineup: Jason – Jason Kidd, DeShawn – Stevenson, Tyson – Chandler, Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn – Marion。
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