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Jiang looked really out, ginger peach was severely frowned, her younger brother is a tendon, a rural girl would have any good?Fundamentally not on the table, and now they are such people, and such a person marriage, and that clearly is out full circle!
The thought here, I know this is not a good fit of his own marriage, and my heart a bit heavy grievances, if not the original is bent on Jiang Chu marry her today and how there are so many thing?If they could wait until today, I’m afraid the number of rich families had to marry her when the door to find a soul mate, but now .
Ginger Peach really think I felt hate!

Business stalls in the vicinity of each bus station has been going up support, Wing Street dill size of the transaction is also complicated, in fact, Jiang Chu is busy, now ginger peach things, she did not have much energy to deal with, this is not only ginger peach out of the room, they direct the work of the government.
Jiang Chu Kang true that out of the government, and this depressed heart is heavier, but also began to worry that her sister would not be happy he does not marry Feng Ya.
Bale, on this point the child