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Then hit the shore.

  Boats ashore, rapid leaf white rudder again!
  The entire hull instant ninety drift!
  Falls are straight up and down, and both sides of the hillside is some slope.
  Mo leaves and white heart Yu duo sitting on a yacht in very steep slopes from sliding down the line.
  Bottom metal boat, and showing a road surface friction Mars, extremely bright on the hillside.
  At this time the ship leaves white is like a meteor across the sky, like!
  He is hiding in the hillside ready to go to the heart of Mo Pan Yu artificial respiration and a new big and strong, it happens to squat on the route traveled by white leaves.
  They saw the boat actually ran rushed down from the mountains, his face suddenly fusion!
  ”FML, big and strong, run!”
  Unfortunately, running speed and leaves white speedboat far, all the way to spark with lightning, Pan directly to a new and big strong hit.
  Two figure while flying, falling into the pool.
  Ye white speedboat accompanied by ground spark, finally beside the shore at the end of the downstream pool, stopped.
  Mo Yu heart shock, some scared white face, voice trembling slightly a hint.
  ”you.Your ship ranking