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Since the assumption pool Emperor Ling said sound evil spirits on the seal at the foot of Jingshan.

  .If you do not do?
  If you are not evil spirits Emperor Jing San foot, or seal loose, he had escaped from the foot of Jingshan it?
  Donna shudder.
  That night, she gave the family more than twice the coverage of defensive magic, beware of the “guests” as well as uninvited.
  After Yu Ze wake up, no time even to six.
  After he got up, and in the past, like every day, wash their own good to go out for a run wearing shorts.
  After the end of spring break because of the reason, the park should be silent than usual, Yu Ze finish 10KM his private use in the park, with a sweat walking home.
  Most street shops closed shop, there is a pet store has opened the glass door.
  When passing by this shop early and hard-working as pet shops, Yu Chak involuntarily slowed down, the store bright and clean, four rows of stacked glass house against the wall, the room has a glass purebred cat dozen different varieties, in which a whole body black, black cat with bright yellow eyes caught his attention.
  After a moment’s hesitation, he walked into a pet shop.
  Young female owner was cleaning the store’s health, hanging on the door to hear the voice of Winnie the Pooh issued WELCOME