By - 管理

Brother look like they like this every day to go to the bamboo catch small insects scare her and make her cry, this life do not want to have to call the brother of treatment.

  She occupied at the moment want cheap, give way winter together with her brother-shout shout brother?No way!
  XIA drive away the winter release of the left hand, turned to the right path to winter, winter to squeeze away from where the middle and Lin Hao, Cheng right arm clinging to winter, to try to ride the shoulders of Lin Hao who climb relations squeeze out, shaking his chin , the final word: “I think Cheng Dong follow me call to become, you both!All are school brother!”
  ”I have graduated!Why I also learned brother!”Lin Hao who grabbed Qi Xia pull over,” he shouted brother can learn, I have to call my brother shout!”
  ”FML!Why would I study brother?”Qi Xia is dissatisfied!
  ”Relying on your shopping yesterday, I spent all this social animals two years hard money!”Lin Hao who graduate on work, home for Spring Festival junior who play together, naturally a little money he shelled out.
  Yesterday he and the summer Qi bazaar big purchase, but also very unlikely as a child, like a fancy fireworks stall, the last pick and choose and put down a half, because my parents only allowed to buy twenty-three kinds.Coupled