By - 管理

Lang Hui Ming found that they actually do trade secret and illegal organization, when they soon brought under control, the two men after they are exposed not know good discussion, simply put the base in a lot of important data backup and thorough destruction.Xing evening go back, the trial from his mouth They came out, they live a few days will buy from the hands of those who.Body test body.

  At that time the white-skinned men long been eyeing the micro-Sim, followed her until they reached the town, then took her immediately to bring dens later found Xing evening, and later transferred to the basement.
  After a long Xin micro missing, Xu Xianglin they are anxious to die, but those who did so many years to do this dirty, anti-reconnaissance.Considerable experience in the police, the police also badly battered.
  If not, it took three pictures of her, and put her body fat indicators to allow customers to test, to find her little hope.
  Xing twilight time in the past to save her, with a base of people, out of the two men before they were brought under control, she went directly Xing twilight.
  These things either Xing twilight say it, even if she could vaguely guess, did not dare to believe.
  She scared patted her chest, lingering fear, said: “It seems my luck is very good.”