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The worry ah, really, thank you.However, you still manage their own lives to it, you score well on the test?Wages rose yet?Weight control yet?Warm things, it is natural to worry about heaters.I do not believe so much money, so many people, they do not conduct a company!!You’ll see!!The amount, however, introduce ourselves, then it is very welcome, warm air has to introduce ourselves mailbox on the home page, welcome you all to introduce ourselves, confident introduce ourselves, I certainly will not let you pay five hundred of.”

  ”But I do not too early confidence ah, or will be part of the staff draft as eating and drinking jokes.This is not what I can control the.The official website will continue to warm up and perfect, will give us more surprises, of course, new people, or most in need of warm baby.The company will generally said to be the artist directly to products, although it’s a bit harsh, but the fact is this.I, can not escape, but I can sublimate all except ~~~ so warm company of artists and future artists, in my opinion, is the amount of ~ ~ ~ ~ baby, eat the expense of ah.”
  Lu seventy-one clapping, “come here, be coming to an end the live.For everyone to call so many accidents, sorry.If you find it interesting that this is not too failed to live.From the head of the live broadcast platform face, anyway, I know that they are very satisfied.”
  ”Finally, I declare, say follow Yuwen Zhang Yun Kui went to see the director is Liu Liu and Indus.”Show